Chore Poem: Washing Dirty Dishes

Husam Karam Bassam Rassam Never Washed His Dirty Dishes

Washing Dishes

Husam Karam Bassam Rassam

Would always scram

When it came to throwing away the ham.

Dishes flew on the floor cracking,

And pots hit the ceiling smacking.

The food disposer went boom,

And the spoons went loom.

Scraps of food flew everywhere,

Here and there behind the chair.

His kitchen is an old dumpster

Haunted by a disgusting, filthy monster.

The water in the sink was brown as a dirty river.

To clean up his mess he used grenades;

From head to toe he was covered in Band-Aids.

Muddy water flew all the way to the sky,

When it came to the kitchen it was still high.

Husam’s dingo dove deep into the puddles of water

Digging through the dirty, disgusting mess.

This would make any person's job way easier! No more dirty, shattered dishes on the concrete floor of my kitchen.