By: Olivia Accola

What is cholera

Cholera is a disease that is usually spread by contaminated water. It mostly spreads through sewage and water treatments. Today the sewage and water treatments virtually have eliminated cholera in more industrialized countries. Cholera is mostly present during wars and natural disasters because it causes people to live in crowded places. Where it is harder to sanitize.

How is it transmitted

Cholera can be transmitted by only a couple things. One of those things is if you have only just one bite of something that is contaminated you will be infected instantly. Also if you drink only just a sip of contaminated water you will also be infected instantly.


There are only a couple causes. Especially by eating certain foods such as raw seafood, or rice and millet. Some other causes can be by swimming in coastal waters. or you can get it by potent toxin or ctx.
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There are only a couple of causes of cholera. Such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Some other symptoms are dehydration, and muscle cramps. You can also go into shock.
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some preventions of cholera are; washing your hands really good with soap and water. Only drink water that you know is safe to drink or if you boiled it yourself. Only eat foods that are completely cooked and are not raw. Avoid sushi because it is raw, eat mostly fruits and vegetables except for salads, grapes and berries. Also always be aware when you are eating dairy.
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treatment or cures

There are only a couple treatments or cures such as re hydration. Also some other treatments or cures are intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and zinc supplement.

cases/ deaths reported in 2013

There were cases and deaths reported in 2013 out of 47 countries. There were 129,064 cases reported. There were also 2,012 deaths that were reported.


cholera is in many locations such as Africa. It is also in southeastern Asia, Haiti, and Central Mexico. It is mostly in these areas because they are more poor than other countries. so they cannot afford a lot of treatments and healthy water and food.
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history of cholera

It all started in 1817 where it spread from the Ganges Delta in Indiana. In the early 19th century people thought cholera was spread by bad air. The industrial Revelation allowed more rapid outbreak when it reached Europe.

The first pandemic was in 1817. Where it hit China, India, Japan, much of the middle east, Madagascar, and the east African coast. It also hit southeast Asia. Then it started to die down in 1823.

The second pandemic was in 1826-1837. It stated in Russia and made its way through Europe towards Poland. It also hit Britain on October 1831 where it moved to England and hit in 1832. There were also subsequent outbreaks in 1841, 1854, and 1866. The invention of steamboats and the opening of the Suez canal also led to more spread of cholera.

The third pandemic was in 1841-1859 where it hit the same regions as the second pandemic. There was also another massive outbreak in 1863-1875. Where it spread through all of Europe, parts of south, central, and northeastern america. It also hit China, Japan, and southeast Asia.

The fifth pandemic was in a lot of the parts of Continental Europe. It was also in all of the North African Coast, and many parts of Asia. Asia started the seventh pandemic in 1899-1923. It went through developing nations in Africa and in the Caribbean. The most current pandemic began in South Asia in 1961. It went through Africa in 1971 and hit America in 1991.


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