Burgeson Beat

Tuesday December 15, 2015

End of Unit Tests!

We have two end of unit tests this week!

The science test will be Friday over Chapter 2. Students will be able to complete a study guide and turn it in for some extra credit. (Also extra credit science fair projects are due Friday)

The unit 6 math test is on Thursday. This will be over landmark data, stem and leaf plots, and adding and subtracting fractions. Students will be getting a review packet they can complete and turn in for some extra credit as well.

Extra Credit Oportunities

Students can receive some extra credit before the end of the quarter in a couple of ways.

1. Write or type one extra credit reading response letter

2. Complete science and math study guides for homework

3. Complete and turn in one science fair project

Save the Children

On Friday students will be in charge of collecting donations for the Save the Children foundation. We sent a newsletter home about this last week to the entire school. However, we need some small buckets to collect change in. If you have any small sandcastle buckets or trick-or-treating buckets that will be perfect. Please label them with your student's name and send them in for Friday. Students will be collecting change in the morning during arrival and at dismissal.

Christmas Gifts

In lieu of Christmas gifts for the teacher, I am asking families to support the students cause for Save the Children. Please send your students with a donation for the Save the Children foundation Friday instead of sending me gifts. I appreciate all of your thought and care, but I am trying to support the students' project in this way. I am proud of your children for their ideas and willingness to make the world a better place for other children.