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Chamber Diary Now Available

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We are currently distributing our 2015 Diary to our Members, however we might not be able to get out to everyone before the new year due to demand.

You can however collect your diary from our office in Carlow Gateway Business Centre if you wish, but please either phone or email beforehand to arrange a time for collection.

Advice to Businesses on Preparing for Severe Weather

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Severe weather can potentially have a significant impact on the business environment. Just how significant, is uncertain. The more severe and prolonged the weather related events in terms of floods, snow or ice, the greater the likely impact. Severe weather may not just affect your business, it may also be experienced by other businesses, in Ireland and globally.

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and Forfas have prepared a short checklist for businesses to help in preparing for severe weather events, based on previous guides for business continuity in the event of an influenza pandemic. Business continuity planning for high risks should be part of normal business practice. While many enterprises, in particular large companies and financial institutions, already have plans in place for business continuity including severe weather events, all enterprises need to be informed and prepared for the range of disruptions that could arise.

The Business Continuity Planning document above focuses on the potential impact to business and offers advice on key issues that should be addressed as well as suggesting measures to underpin business continuity. A practical checklist is included to provide businesses with a basic template which could help identify weaknesses in their business continuity plans.

You can also register on for free alerts from Carlow County Council via SMS Text Message and/or E mail, relating to notifications and events occurring in the county.

Gift Cards available at Fairgreen Shopping Centre

Under the Revenue Commissioners’ "Small Benefit Exemption" scheme, employers can provide employees with a non cash benefit up to the value of €250 once every Tax year.

This is exempt from Income Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC) and employee & employer’s PRSI. A Gift Card is an ideal way of using the Small Benefit Exemption to reward employees tax free.

A Gift Card or Gift Voucher can be tax free under the Small Benefit Exemption even if the employee is receiving other taxable benefits. (This benefit does not apply to cash or cheques or where there is an entitlement to remuneration). The Revenue Commissioners do not require you to make a return in relation to this benefit but only one qualifying benefit can be made each year. The tax advantages with Gift Cards ensure both parties benefit from the reduced taxation.

Our Fairgreen Gift Cards are available at our customer service desk at Fairgreen or call Christine at 0599143500 between 9.30am and 2.30pm weekdays.

Car Parking in Carlow for December 2014

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Carlow County Council wishes to advise of the following parking arrangements for Carlow Town centre for the month of December.

Free parking from 8.30am to 11.00am and 4.30pm to 6.30pm in all Pay and Display Parking Zones for the Month of December.

Free car parking on the 12 days of Christmas from 13th December to 24th December, 2014, in the following car parks only:

  • Town Hall
  • Bus Park
  • Green Bank Road