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Upcoming Dates

Supply Pick Up THIS WEEKEND - This pick up is in place the of the pick up from last weekend. This folder will have all the papers needed for the next 2 weeks.

Supply Pick Up Next Weekend - There will also be a supply pick up next weekend, March 5-7. This will only be for those staying DVA after Spring Break.

March 12 - This is a half day. There will be no live zooms after our writing zoom that day; however there will be seesaw activities to complete.

Spring Break - March 15-19

Instructional Platform Change for the Last Quarter

During our parent conferences at the start of February, many parents asked about staying DVA and moving face to face (F2F) for our last nine weeks. A majority of the concerns was the teacher your child would have for the last quarter. If enough students decide to leave DVA to warrant a new first grade F2F classroom, Mrs. Robinson will be the teacher that moves F2F with them. This means, if Mrs. Robinson moves F2F, all DVA students moving F2F will be in Mrs. Robinson’s class, and all students who choose to stay DVA will be in Mrs. Edmiston’s class. Again, Mrs. Robinson will only be moving F2F if there are too many students to add to our already full classrooms of existing F2F students. If you are still undecided, hopefully, this information will enable you to make an informed decision. The deadline to make your decision is Monday, March 1 at 3:30.


  • The boxes will be placed outside by the end of the school day on Friday, February 26, and will be picked up Monday, March 1.
  • Inside the box, there is a clear envelope with your child's name on it. These are all the papers he/she will need for the next 2 weeks. Please put these in your child's red folder.
  • Please come by the school some time over the weekend to get this folder.
  • Please hold onto this clear folder to bring back at our next supply pick up.
  • Please place the Star Student writing papers in the clear envelope to be returned at the next drop off at the next supply drop.
  • Also, please keep in mind that these items may be touched my multiple people, so please use sanitizer before opening the box and again after opening.
  • Please ensure the box is closed completely before you leave to protect the items from weather and critters.
  • Thank you so much!

*****This pick up will have the supplies needed for the next two weeks until Spring Break. There will be another supply pick up next weekend, March 5-7 for those who are remaining DVA for the 4th nine weeks.+++++

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DIBELS Letter Included in Your Supply Pick Up

At Carroll ISD we are committed to building successful readers. As part of this commitment, we use DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) to evaluate foundational literacy skills for each student. You will be receiving the mClass Home Connect assessment results that were administered in January, just like the report you received at the beginning of the year. DIBELS is just one measure that we use to help determine areas of strengths and weaknesses in reading.

WIN Schedule this week!

Week 1:

Monday -

Green - Group - Mrs. Edmiston's Reading Club

Purple Group - Mrs. Robinson's Math Club

Tuesday -

Purple & Green Group - Meet your Teacher for a Small Group Activity

Wednesday -

Blue Group - Mrs. Edmiston's Reading Club

Thursday -

Blue Group - Meet your teacher for a Small Group Activity

Weeks 1 & 2

Friday - Dance Party & Directed Drawing at 1:40

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This is your last chance to order the

JES 20-21 yearbook. Deadline is

Sunday, February 28th . Order now, there

may not be an extras. Click here to order.

Please contact Beth Alexander or Heather

Groeneveld with questions. email them to your child's teacher!

Does Your Child Need More Paper for Writing Workshop?

Click HERE to print more paper!


Don't forget to complete your encore assignments every week. Your child's schedule can be found at the bottom of the newsletter. Check the encore teacher's seesaw page for the activity!

Box Tops for Education App

Download the Boxtops for Education app and Johnson Elementary can earn 10 cents for every "boxtop" on your receipt (think cereal boxes, macaroni and cheese, and more!). Every "boxtop" adds up for our school. In the past, families have clipped boxtops and sent them in for redemption. But NOW, you can download the app "Boxtops for Education", scan your receipt, and we earn a little bit off of your purchases. THANK YOU in advance for your support!

DVA Etiquette Reminders

Please reiterate these rules with your child about our Zoom Etiquette.

1. Keep toys and distractions put away during our live zoom meetings..

2. Save snacks for asynchronous times.

3. Please use the restroom before our live zoom meetings.

4. Please stay muted during lessons. The interrupting and background noise makes it hard to hear when anyone is talking.

5. Please be on time to our meetings so your child won't miss out.

Our Daily Schedule

7:40 Log on to Zoom - A writing activity will be visible for your child to write about until announcements begin. Use your green word study spiral to do the writing. After announcements, we will have 3 students share their writing. The students will remain logged on for our reading lesson. After this lesson the students will have a reading seesaw activity to complete and turn in.

8:55-9:10 Phonics: The students will have a phonics activity to complete and turn in on seesaw.

9:10-9:25 Recess Break

9:25: Log on to Zoom - The students will have a live writing lesson followed by an independent activity to complete and turn in on seesaw.

10:15-11:00 Encore - Log on to the appropriate teacher's seesaw page for an independent activity.

11:00-11:15 Independent Reading - Find a comfortable, quiet spot to read independently.

11:15-12:15 Lunch & Recess

12:15 Log on to Zoom for a Math Lesson followed by an independent activity to complete and turn in on seesaw.

1:05-1:35 Science or Social Studies - Log on to seesaw to complete and turn in a science OR social studies lesson for the day.

1:40-2:40 WIN Time - Your child's teacher will meet individually or in small groups with students. Not all students will have synchronous time every day during this time. If your child does not have synchronous time, please have your child do activities such as: art, blocks, legos, puzzles, playdough, board games, write a story, etc.

2:25-2:40 OPTIONAL ZOOM TIME CLOSURE - This is optional for those that want to come say good bye for the day or ask any last minute questions!

2:45-3:00 Handwriting OR Grammar - Log on to seesaw to complete and turn in a handwriting or grammar activity independently.

Every day, there will be at least 6 seesaw activities for your child to complete. These will be released on seesaw at 8:00 in the morning on the day we will be completing that activity. Please do not work ahead. We will direct the students which activities to do each time.The seesaw activities will be:

  • 1. Reading
  • 2. Phonics
  • 3. Writing
  • 4. Math
  • 5. Science OR Social Studies
  • 6. Handwriting OR Grammar

We may have additional activities, but we will let you know if we do.

Technology Help

If you are having difficulties with technology, please reach out to the technology department in one of the following ways:

Call 817-949-HELP

Encore Rotation - Be sure to complete the activity for the appropriate Encore each day.

The week of March 1

  • Monday - Encore Day 5
  • Tuesday - Encore Day 6
  • Wednesday - Encore Day 7
  • Thursday - Encore Day 1
  • Friday - Encore Day 2

Mrs. Robinson's Class:
  • Day 1 - PE
  • Day 2 - Computer Lab
  • Day 3 - Art
  • Day 4 - Music
  • Day 5 - PE
  • Day 6 - Science
  • Day 7 - PE

Mrs. Edmiston's Class:

  • Day 1 - Science
  • Day 2 - Music
  • Day 3 - PE
  • Day 4 - Computer Lab
  • Day 5 - Art
  • Day 6 - PE
  • Day 7 - PE

School Supplies

Please remember to keep up with your child's supplies. Should you choose to switch to face to face instruction, your child will need to bring those same supplies to school. If you need directions on setting up your child's supplies, please see the slide show!