how to make a burning laser!

have loads of science fun with this cheap and easy trick.

Lasers 101!!!

Be a mastermind, impress and show off to your friends and family your DIY burning laser pointer!!! Its easier than you might think. this laser will be able to burn things and go on for miles upon miles.

getting started

the things you will need are: a cheap and inexpensive ebay 5mw laser pointer,a small wedge such as a flathead screwdriver,safety eye wear,hot glue, and a philips head screwdriver.

beggining steps

Now that you have all of your materials, the first step is to wedge the flat head screwdriver into the the laser pointers button and pry the button off. Once you do that,you will see a little screw which is the potentiometer of the driver. This controls how bright and powerful the laser is.
Make a Laser Pointer Burn!

Almost there!

you then grab your micro philips head screwdriver and twist it one way or the other and watch how the brightness changes. For a really powerful laser, twist it as far as it will go, usually clockwise, and replace the button with a little bit of hot glue and burn away. Well, ther you have it, a cheap and inexpensive burning laser pointer.

Final Product

Your super cool laser pointer can now pop ballons, light fireworks, candles, and matches, burn through electrical tape and muh more!

Why this Happens

when the inexpensive laser is presented to you out of the box, its not used to its full potential. The laser diode on hte inside has much more power than we know to unleash. By twisting the potentiometer, the laser diode goes from 52nm to 45nm. This makes the laser thinner, smaller, and most importantly, stronger and more powerful!

By:wyatt Johnston