Lord Of The Flies

Jacks Group

Jacks group in my opinion is a dictatorship. During the book, Jack starts his own separate group of savage hunters. He abuses his power and becomes a dictator. All of the people in his group listen to him and do what he says other wise he will use his power and could possibly punish them. "shut up fatty!" (pg. 20) this quote shows that when piggy would try to speak, jack would tell him to shut up. "This represents evil and violence, and because of his ‘rebellious’ personality, this makes him a really violent leader with unfair ways of ruling".(from website)

Ralphs Group

Ralphs group in my opinion is a Direct Democracy. The reason he is a direct democracy is because when he is the leader, he tells people what they need to do to survive. He also takes others opinions on how to fix a problem, and if he likes it they can use that idea instead of the idea Ralph has. “Which is better–to have laws and agree, or to hunt and kill?” ( pg. 180). "Piggy tries to come to a solution to the misunderstanding and for the fighting by asking the civilization whether they prefer to kill each other, or to agree with each other." (from website) This shows that Ralph wants to hear others opinions on things in order to make a better decision.

Different types of government

Dictatorship- a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator.

Direct Democracy- A form of government where the people elect a leader and when the people have a voice in the actions that the government does.


1. If everyone votes on one thing and the president doesn't agree, the group of people can over rule his ruling.

2. Freedom of speech.

3. right to have weapons on u at all times in case u are put in danger.

4. right to a trial.

5. right to have time to talk to some one the phone whenever your in jail but u if you try to make an escape plan your privileges will be take away.

6. Police need a warrant in order ot break into someone's house.

7. any murders will not be tolerated.

My own island

I would be a democracy. The reason I would be a democracy is that I would want to hear others peoples opinions before making a decision because they may have a better idea than me. People would also have the freedom to help out with things and I wouldn't have to deal with constant arguing over ideas.

historical event

One event in history that showed dictatorship is the Holocaust. This shows dictatorship because Hitler had all of the power and would control everything and do what ever he wanted. He killed the Jews cause he didn't like them and nobody could do a thing cause he was basically a king.