The NEW Kirky Lirky I-SPIRAL :)!

The KL I-PAD is one that walks, talks, and does chores! :)

Have you ever seen a talking I-Spiral that can be serviced to only talk in your voice?

The Kristi Wirky outlet in Middleston, Tesoos has the most incredible Kirky-Lirky I-SPIRAL for sale!-

There are so many Apps on this I-SPIRAL, and they will only download what your interests are!

The Kirky Wirky Outlet!!!

  • We wiill treat you like family!!! Come on down to the Kirky Wirky Outlet and pick out your favorite I-SPIRAL!
  • We are located at : 3186 My Bad Road in good ole' Middleston, Tesooos!!!
  • Our telephone number is 1-800-Buy-ISPY