Things I learned in English

By Kelly Janssens

I learn every few weeks, new caesar's english words

In English we have done 8 units, so that means that I have learned 40 new words or roots. The roots have showed many more words than just the one from the singular words. It gives me a to grow my learning. Can't believe I learned that many words in just in that 45 minute time every few weeks.

I have also learned about writing a short story

In December we worked on writing a short story, we looked at the structure all the way through other authors short stories so we could get ideas. my story was about a gymnast named May who moved to Chicago. Everybody's story was different so we all learned something even if it wasn't the same.

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open. Unknown

Signpost Project

I found out to think that the signpost project was very fun. I though that I knew everything about a signpost, but it turns out it was almost the opposite, I knew almost nothing. So when I specify which signpost is which I don't think that a words of a wiser is a contrast and contradiction. I finally can read and spot a signpost without the help of someone else or thinking to hard about it.

Read Alouds and book grups

Through read alouds and book groups, I have been exposed to books that I know for sure would read unless someone told me too. Although I have really been read or read myself some really horrible ones, I have found ones that show me a bridge to a whole new genre or subject. But there are always those books that i have read on my own time that are really good. Some are my favorites, read alouds and book groups introduce me to new books that I wouldn't have read before.

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