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Paul Olsen Denver: Every Business Is Unique

Paul Olsen is the owner of Company Broker Group, a Denver-based business brokerage that has been involved in the sale of more than 250 businesses since 2003.

The company uses privately produced videos of the businesses they represent for sale, and Olsen says this is a unique strategy. "We are the only business brokerage in the industry that uses this proprietary approach to prepare and present businesses for sale through multimedia and other models," he says. This approach "helps a buyers quickly and remotely become aware for the offering and how they may or may not be a good fit for the business."

The Company Broker Group videos detail the entire offering. Because of this, owners are spared having the daily business operations interrupted, and spared having to meet with potential buyers who aren't really serious about buying. Showcasing the deal by video also cuts down on the risk of news the business is on the auction block getting out, before the owner wants it to.

The professionals at Company Broker Group know that every business is unique, and that each one is going to have unique needs that must be addressed during the sale. But they also know that most have at least three things in common. They want to get the most money possible from selling a business they may have spent a lifetime building; they want to get the best terms possible on all deal points; and they want to sell to an experienced buyer who has the knowledge and energy to continue running the business, with a background that shows they have the skills they will need.

One of the strong points of Company Broker Group, says Paul Olsen, is their comprehensive list of more than seven thousand buyers from all over the country who have an interest in doing business in Colorado. This is just one of the reasons that the firm is Colorado's premier business brokerage.