Life Group UPDATE

June 21-22, 2014

Vertical Church by James MacDonald

If you are looking for a great book to read, or a study, consider Vertical Church by James MacDonald. It's 8 weeks and available with video and participant/leaders guides. If you want to check out the book on Amazon go here.

In Vertical Church God shows up, and that changes everything.

“Let God Himself be the main attraction at church again, and let us be tireless in our insistence that church is for God, about God, through God, and to the glory of His great Son.”

When God's glory is powerfully evident in a church, people can't wait to get there. We all, no matter who we are, long for transcendence--for that God shaped whole in us to be filled with the real God. But people can try many other ways to fill it. So "seekers" are those whom God is already working on, and show up wanting to know about God and see Him at work among us. They are like ripe fruit. On the other hand.....

“Most of what is wrong in horizontal church flows from attempts to get green apples interested in Jesus. Green apples are very articulate about what they do and don't want in church. They don't want to hear about money, because that is one of their idols; they don't want to be told about sin, because that assaults pride.... Sadly when church becomes what green apples must have or they won't come. It ceases to be what it must be for God to attend.”

Offering Counters Needed

The church is in real need of some offering counters. Your will serve about once a month for an hour and a half after the 10:45am Sunday worship service. It doesn't matter which service you attend, just be there around noon. Contact Melanie Richards at

Life Group Leader Rally - Wednesday, August 20 6:30pm

Life Group leaders and hosts, please make plans to be at this Rally where we will go over the Fall "Transformed" small group campaign in detail. Each of you will receive your Group DVD's and your own copy of the Transformed journal/group leader book.

Mark your calendar and BRING an APPRENTICE! We are believing God for 20 new Life Groups this Fall. Who is in your group that you can challenge and bring. RSVP them and invite them to the Rally to learn more about hosting a Transformed group for 7 weeks.

TRANSFORMED by Rick Warren Starts Week of Sept. 27

"Be not conformed to the world...but be transformed!"

Church wide this Fall, starting the week of September 27/28 for seven weeks!
All of our adult Life Groups will be aligning together this fall for our church wide spiritual growth campaign, Transformed! It's based on materials by pastor Rick Warren with the overall theme of how God wants to transform us (instead of our conforming) in Seven specific areas of life: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, financial, and vocational. That just about covers every facet where God wants you to "be transformed" according to Romans 12:2.

If you'd like to see Rick Warren's Transformed sermon series he preached it's free online. The sermons are NOT part of the group study, but what he preached each week in early 2014 for his own church to go along with it. It's great supplemental material.