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March 2019 Calendar

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Principal's Message

What a fun month February was! We may have been cooped up indoors with the frigid weather, but we definitely tried to make the most of it. February is I Love to Read Month, and some of the highlights were guest readers in Assembly with former Olympian, Michelle Sawatzky reading a book by Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and then Corny Rempel, who brought a goat along to bring his story to life! Personally, I also really enjoyed reading a story to almost every class in the school! Thanks to all who invited me in. And we can't forget about our Hallway Huddles, where everyone lined the hallways and we all read together. That was a special experience!

February 28 brought us our annual Family Celebration of Learning event. What an awesome experience to see all the students showing off their hard work to their parents and grandparents! This was such a great community building event!

March brings (hopefully) warmer weather, and we've already started to enjoy outdoor recess again! Our final Bucket Fillers Field Trip will take place on March 13 - thanks to the Athletics Departement at Providence College for hosting us. We've had a blast each time! March 25-29 is Spring Break, but we have our Elmdale Extravaganza week to get through first. Don't forget to check the calendar for details! I must say I'm most looking forward to the Student Pancake Breakfast taking place on March 19. Students can come straight to the gym after they get off the bus for some pancakes and juice! Thanks to Sobey's for donating the ingredients, and to Hank and the Lion's Club for making the pancakes for us!

Vince Hiebert

Principal: Elmdale School

Report Cards

Just a reminder that Report Cards for grades 1-4 will be distributed on March 15. Please consider signing up for digital report cards using your Parent Portal Account. If you have already done so you will receive a reminder email on March 15 when the Report Cards come available. Paper copies will be distributed at the end of the day on March 15.

Kindergarten Registration

If you have a child born in 2014 please visit our new online kindergarten registration to register your child if you haven't done so already.

Registering your child online is made easy by following the two-step process:

1. Complete the online registration form located at on our HSD website.

2. Bring supporting documentation to the school.

Please let friends and neighbors know it is time to register for Kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year.


Elmdale Extravaganza Week

Monday - Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday - Pajama Day
Wednesday - Hat Day

Thursday - Normal Day

Friday - Green Shirt Day

Class Lists for 2019-2020

We will soon be starting the process of creating class lists for the 2019-2020 school year. This is a very involved process and requires us to work closely as a school team to create class lists that are balanced and equitable for all. This is a process we take very seriously as we try very hard to create a positive learning environment for students.

We consider a variety of criteria when creating class lists, including:

  • Achievement (balanced class composition)
  • Social and behavioural considerations
  • Male/Female ratio
  • Group dynamics
  • Learning styles
  • Parent input

Parental requests are something we consider in this process, but we cannot guarantee that we can honour each request. We look closely at the merits of each request and balance that with all of the other considerations.

If a parent would like to make a specific request for a friend or teacher placement, these should be based on academic and learning needs, and be submitted in writing to Mr. Hiebert (vhiebert@hsd.ca) by May 15, 2019. All requests submitted by that date will be considered, however we cannot guarantee that all requests will be honoured. Late requests will not be considered.

Given appropriate support at home and at school, it has been our experience that the vast majority of placements are successful. Where a placement is proving to be difficult, we ask that parents and students give it the time required for friendships and classroom community building to develop.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to your child's education.

Mr. V. Hiebert

Principal, Elmdale School

PrinciPal Winners for February

Ariana F. 1E; Kayden S. 1M; Jorden N. 1/2J; Braysen S. 2F; Jayden N. 2M; Violet N. 2T; Brody B. 3M; Ryann T. 3/4B; Casey B. 3/4G; Lucas Y. 3/4T; Lena S. 4D; Kye K. 1E; Asher W. 1M; Kyren G. 1/2J: Mikayla S. 2F; Samuel K. 2M; Oliver M. 2T; Audrina L. 3M; Sorayah F. 3/4B; Michelle S. 3/4G; Jamie K. 3/4T; Keeanna H. 4D


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"Soup's On" School Lunches

"Soup's On" provides daily school lunches to families in need. It can be started and stopped as needed. Contact our Resource Teacher Ms. Rose Friesen (rfriesen@hsd.ca) or your child's teacher via agenda book to register your child.

Bus Times, Routes & Address Changes

Please check our website for the bus pick up times and location near your house.
If your address has changed, please call transportation at 204-320-2347 to make sure that your children are riding the correct bus to and from school.