We Could've Stopped Boston Bombers

By: Jackson Cox

We Could Have Stopped Them

It was April 18, 2013 and runners in Boston were just about to cross the finish line, when suddenly there was a loud noise followed by confusion and panic. A bomb has just gone off near the finish line(see picture 1). Emergency personnel, law enforcement, and even spectators rushed into action to help the wounded. Moments later a second explosion went off roughly five hundred feet west of the first explosion. But could we have stopped the Boston Marathon bombers?

Yes. Law enforcement agencies began to investigate, they identified the bombers: brothers Dzhokhar(20) and Tamerlan(26) Tsarnaev. The Tsarnaevs had killed 1 officer and wounded others in a shootout on April 18. Dzhokhar was captured that evening, and Tsarnaev died early April 19 because of his wounds.

"I do think that had we taken a second look,we could have stopped this,"

-Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security

United States surveillance intelligence failures could have prevented the tragic event. Instead of monitoring communications of suspects, they monitored the communications of everybody. Had we put forth more attention towards the suspects communications we could have caught them early.

This Tragic event could have easily been prevented, but due to wasted surveillance footage and intelligence failures, we allowed these terrorists to carry out their plans.



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