Red Panda

Colin Jackson Period 1 May, 16 2016

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"Red Pandas are endangered because their habitat is disappearing," says Miles Robert (Sunquist). Fire wood collectors work to chop down wood to donate to panda researchers to help the panda Survive in there habitat. The lost of nesting and bamboo are an impact to the decline of most red pandas. Most of the time red pandas live in high altitudes. Red pandas tend to live by themselves.

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The red panda has four legs and it like to run their paws during the winter help keep them warm.
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Body Covering

Losing weight is normal for Red pandas is the winter this is due to there bamboo diet. In result the body coat helps keep them warm.Their fur is " A thick, woolly undercoat that holds in there body heat. Their Fur covers its soles, keeping feet warm. Tail: During cold or rainy weather a red panda sleeps tightly rolled up in a ball. It wraps its long, fluffy tail around itself like a muffler." ( Sunquist)
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A Red panda is one of the only mammals the rely mostly on bamboo.For the red pandas bamboo is not very nutritious(Sunquist)." the giant grass has tough stems and leaves that make it difficult to chew and digest." When the red panda is on a diet of bamboo doesn't give the animals much energy. In result the pandas need to save as much energy as possible to help them survive. Even though the red panda survives on bamboo sometimes it tends to eat fruits i.e berries, insects, bird eggs and small lizards.(WWF)
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The red panda lives by itself unless it wants to mate so in result the red panda reproduces sexually. The female fertilization is internal. The Red Panda gives live birth. For preparation the female finds a hollow tree and fills it with leaves.(Rutten,18)On average the red panda gives birth to 1-4 cubs at a time each weighing less than half a pound. " They can't even see until they are 20 days old!"(Rutten,18)

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Red pandas live in hollow trees and gather leaves and sticks to stay warm. Some predators of the red pandas are the snow leopards.

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Other Info

  1. like the giant panda the Red Panda has a fake thumb which is really just an extension of the wrist bone.(WWF)
  2. The red panda tend to live alone.(WWF)
  3. Red pandas measure in at just lover than a domestic cat, making them much smaller than the famous giant panda.(WWF)
  4. In Sikkim the state animal is the Red Panda.( WWF)
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