Math Apps!

Educational apps for students grades K-12


In this module we talked about utilizing mobile devices in our classrooms. In this lab we were asked to explore different apps and find five apps that could be used in an educational setting. Because of my background in mathematics I have decided to focus on apps that help build students math skills.


Desmos is a graphing calculator app that allows you to plot multiple functions and equations and allows you to apply translations directly to them while comparing graphs. Desmos is an app that can be used on the computer, through google play, and through itunes. This app is very useful since it can be viewed on these different platforms and because of this any student can use it if they have access to a device.

This app can be used in the classroom to save time when a graph needs to be shown or it can be used as an aid to help teach graph translations and transformations. Desmos can also be used outside of the classroom to help complete assignments or even as part of an assignment itself.

An idea for a math 20/30 assignment would be to use Desmos (or a similar graphing app) to use different equations to create an image. This type of assignment would allow students to be creative with their math, while also helping to diversify their knowledge of equations and the graphs that correspond to them.

The image below is a very intricate example of using equations to create an image.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a resource that can be used to a handful of different ways, by teachers, parents, and students! This app provides videos on individual, important topics ranging from math-social studies. However; for the purpose of this flyer I will be focusing on the math aspect of it.

Khan Academy is an app available through many devices; online, itunes, and google play.

This app can be quite useful in the classroom to provide an interesting introduction to a new topic or as a summary to a particularly difficult topic. However, in my opinion the best use of this app would be by students outside of the classroom. Khan Academy allows students to watch through videos and tutorials at their own speed. Between sections it provides practice problem checkpoints to ensure students are understanding the material that was being taught. They can also save their progress!

Below is an example of one of the fascinating math videos provided by Khan Academy.

The beauty of algebra | Introduction to algebra | Algebra I | Khan Academy
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Wabbitemu is an android app that turns any mobile device into a TI-84 graphing calculator. This lets students have a bit more freedom in what they do their calculations on and they don't always have to worry about having their bulky calculator on them.

This can be used in the classroom as a calculator, or more realistically will be used outside of the classroom by students who are trying to complete homework assignments but forgot their TI-84.

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Symbolab is a math app that allows students to enter any mathematical function and it will provide you with the correct answer and will show you the steps to complete it correctly. It also has a practice section that provides you with similar problems to work through until you are feeling confident with the type of work you are asked to do.

While this app is not easily translated into the classroom, it can be used by students at home to verify answers to their assignments and homework.

This app should be shown with caution because if students are not educated properly it could easily lead to plagiarism and incomplete knowledge of the topics taught. If Symbolab is going to be used teachers need to be very clear with their students on the consequences of copying the work.

Below is an example of the type of steps it shows to solve a question.

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Math Tricks

Math Tricks is an app available through google play. It is a math game that allows students to play by themselves, play with friends, or "train".

This app is used to sharpen the mind relating to math operations. The questions asked are related to many different operations and are designed to sharpen your ability to do complex calculations and learn tricks to speed up such calculations. With each wrong answer the app will walk you through tips to speed up your calculations.

This app can be used in the classroom to take a break from "work" and allow your students to socialize while still doing math related things. It can also be used by students on their own time to help better their math skills.

Below is an example of the trick to solve 51 x 31 quickly.

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