Jan van Eyck

By: Lauren Phelps

About Jan van Eyck:

  • Born in 1390 in Maastricht, Neatherlands (exact day not stated)
  • spent most of his life working at his patron homes in Lille, Burgandy at the Duke's palace and at John of Bavaria home in Hague.
  • not a lot about his early education.
  • first job at Hague employed by John of Bavaria
  • later started a career as a "valet de chambre" to Duke Phillip of Burgandy.
  • not a lot of information on early life
  • Two brothers( Hurbert and Lambert) who where both artists.
  • Married and then had two kids.(wife and children not named)
  • buried on July 9th 1441
  • Painter
  • Patrons: Phillip the Good-Duke of Burgandy, count John of Holland-in Hague.

The Isms of Jan van Eyck

INDIVIDUALISM- His motto "Als ich chan" that he puts on all of his paintings, has to do with what a person alone can do, and their own self achivments.

SCIENTIFIC NATURALISM- Eyck used many concepts like geometry, perspective and proportion in his paintings. He, along with many others started to focus on the Gods less and began to find real reasons about what was happening in the world.

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The Man In a Red Turban


  • October 21, 1433

Where to find it

(page where this painting is featured in museum)


  • used small scale
  • perspective
  • light and shades to make main part of painting stand out
  • painted many self portraits, including this one
  • this painting is and oil painting painted on oak wood

Personal description:

This painting is the self portrait of a man wearing a red turban. The eyes on his stern face stare at who ever is looking at the painting. There is a lot of detail and perspective in the hat and face. The dark colors of the face show of the fair skin of the man and the light red in the hat.

"ism" of the painting:

  • Individualism: this painting is a self portrait, showing the man's personal characteristics and personality. The main focus is on man and the man only.

Why I am interested in this painting:

originally I picked this painting for the name, but as I began to look closer at the painting I began to become more and more interested. The extreme amount of time and talent that had to of gone into this to make it so detailed amazed me. Eyck uses so much perspective and proportion in this painting, along with color contrasts to make to painting come together. Who knew that it could take so much effort to paint a portrait.


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