1969 Michigan football team

〽️Hail to the Victors! 〽️


Michigan football is one of the best football programs ever. There have been many coaches that have come and gone in Michigan football history. One of the most successful coaches in Michigan history is Bo schembechler. Bo took over the Michigan team in 1969. He is one of college football's greatest coaches ever because of what he did for the team during 1969-1989. The 1969 team went through many changes and successes.

Fun facts

1. They installed turf in Michigan stadium in 1969.

2. They put stickers on there helmets when they made a good play.

3. Bo schembechler vs Woody Hayes Is one of the geart rivalries in college football history.

4. Bo had a heart attack the night before the Rose Bowl in the 1969 season.

5. Michigan pulled off the biggest upset of the year they beat Ohio state the 1 team in the nation 24-12.