Luna Team Meeting

What is Jadyn Looking For?!


  1. Clear age-appropriate instructions, open-ended questions, ORIGINAL works of art
  2. Predetermined lesson plan (with BACKUP plan), and scaffolded lessons
  1. Fun, SAFE, controlled environment where people can HEAR each other, use supplies

The Infamous 6 Ds

  1. Climate - environment is well organized to promote focused and excellent work.
  2. Enagement & Investment - assignments & activities sometimes support students in initiating, contributing, & asking questions. Students may take on roles as teachers/mentors/models.
  3. Sharing, Dialogue, Collaboration - There are opportunities for students' work, performances, ideas, and questions to fuel practice & learning.
  4. Skills, Techniques, Knowledge - Students learn the fundamentals for their level and have opps to apply skills & techniques, even as beginners, that challenge them to express, invent, and think critically.
  5. Creative Strategies & Choices - Students have some opps to generate original work or interpretations of skills & techniques in the lesson focus.
  6. Expectations are high for both process & product. Assessments are designed to help students focus on a combination of skills, expression, & invention. Students may take an active role in assessing and revising their own and others' work.


  • 2 official for the semester
  • Many more unofficial
  • I will be communicating with you frequently...please listen, I am here to help.
  • The "people above" are taking the observations seriously, especially the "three things"
  • This is about giving the kids a better chance at life, not catching you in the act.
  • N/O means Not Observed and is not necessarily bad. (I'll let you know if it is)
  • If I don't have anything nice to say (or a lot of nice things)...I will still give you the paper copy and discuss with you, but I won't submit it on Survey Monkey. This week ;)

So what would I like to focus on for next week?

  1. Procedures, Rules, Consequences (in that order) - I'd like to see evidence that you are working on these things consistently. If students aren't following them, STOP and re-teach.
  2. The Three Things
  3. Reading Aloud to the Kids