Cautions About Social Networks

The hazards unknow

At the moment, the place you have to be is facebook. This new social networks triggered a real phenomenon international. Many of others social networks appeared after facebook. Over time, they improved, completed munch. Now, it's something for every taste; every body can find that they need. Every body have ever been on facebook.
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Although that is an attractive way to make friends, to keep contact, to be heard, to share your emotions, it's also a place which can be negative, even dangerous.

Even if I don't need to explain you what is facebook, I must warn you about its dangers.
Cause facebook is used by all, there also vicious persons who whant hurt you. They can harass you, embarass, humilate, threaten you, or much more and make your life a absolute hell. Moreover you are the firsts victims because teenagers are easily under unfluence. You might be already subjected to cyberbulling like 89% of the teenagers.

Simple Precautions

There are simples things you had to do to take care of your image:

First, don't share private informations about your identity.
Don't speak about secrets things on you with "friends".

Accept invitations from your veritables friends only.

Block your account from persons who are not in your friends list.
And, above all, don't tell your password!

This is easy, so please do it for you!

Think to your friends, and don't share pictures who are embarrass for them.


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A Pseudo Can Hide Anyone

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Célia Caumartin,

Be carefull!