Travel To Comoros

Arab Quarter

Reminiscent of Stone Town in Zanzibar, the Arab Quarter in Moroni is an intricate Medina where the history of the Comoros and its people has been perfectly captured. Dating back to pre-colonial times, the Medina is filled with relics from a bygone Swahili era, including the beautifully carved wooden doors so characteristic of the old Swahili culture. The Arab Quarter is a feast for the senses, from beautiful architecture and the fragrant aromas of ylang-ylang and vanilla to the chatter of the traders and the chanting of prayers.

Karthala Volcano

Karthala is a large shield volcano with a summit caldera on La Grande Island of the Comores in the eastern Indian Ocean. It erupts every few years and often produces voluminous lava flows and sometimes has a lava lake in the crater of the caldera. Karthala, a typical and very active shield volcano, forms the southern part of the Comores island La Grande Comore (also known as Ngazidja Island). It erupted twice in 2005 and caused major problems due to extensive ash fall and contamination of drinking water.

Karthala has an elongated 3 x 4 km summit caldera created by repeated collapse, and has elongated rift zones extend to the NNW and SE from the summit. Historical eruptions both from summit and flank vents have repeatedly modified the shape of the caldera. Many lava flows have reached the sea on both sides of the island. A lava flow during the euption in 1860 traveled from the summit caldera about 13 km to the NW, reached the sea at the western coast north of the capital city of Moroni.