Google Drive

Learning, Collaborating, and Connecting with Google Drive

Understanding Google Drive and Google Docs

Watch the videos below to understand Google Drive vs. Google Doc and to clarify VIEW, COMMENT, and EDIT sharing privileges regarding files in your Google drive.
Google Drive tutorial: Understanding Google Drive vs. Google Docs |
Share with others in Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Editing, Tracking Changes and Suggesting

Rather than editing a document, try "Suggesting". Similar to Microsoft Office’s Track Changes, "Suggesting" allows you or a collaborator to edit a document without committing the changes. All suggestions are marked in a secondary color and tracked in the right sidebar. From there you can accept or reject the proposed changes. If you have any questions about changes made by a collaborator, return to the comment feature to discuss the changes before making them permanent.


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Back Track With Revision History

From the "File" menu, select "See Revision History" for a list of changes made in the document, all the way back to when it was first created. Unfortunately, the revisions list isn’t very descriptive, giving only the date and time of the revision and the name of the editor. With "Show Changes" selected, however, you can take a look at how the document was edited for each revision, allowing you to easily revert to or compare with a previous version if necessary.
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Add an Image & Citation Using the Research tool

If you want to add an image to a GoogleDoc but haven’t yet found the right pic, there’s no need to leave your document and kill your productivity: The "Research" tool can help you search the web for images by keyword right within the "Research" sidebar.

To use this feature, activate the Research sidebar underneath the "Tools" menu. From there, filter images by usage rights—make sure you’re not using a picture that requires any special license—and automatically add a citation with the "Citation" dropdown. (If you don’t want or need to include a citation, simply select and delete the superscript that automatically appears.) Clicking an image in the "Research" results will take you to the URL where the image appears, and dragging the image will allow you to place it in your document.


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A Bit About Google Sheets

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Creating a Google Form and Adding Questions

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Google Forms Responses

Google Forms - View Responses and Summary Graphs

Want More? Ways to Use Google Slides & Google Forms

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Using Google Drawing with Google Docs

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Tying it all Together!

How one teacher used Google Forms, Google Sheets and GoogleMyMaps in one lesson about the Civil Rights Movement.
Google My Maps

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