Big Island Rendezvous


It was October 2 2015 it was an exciting day because we were going to be at Rendezvous for the entire day. My partner was Matthew. When we got on the bus I felt excited about what we were going to learn and do and what to trade at trader’s row. When the bus started moving me Matthew talked about how exciting it was. It was a 30 minute trip and when we got there we waited for the parents. The air smelled like campfires and it was a fresh smell to me and was a bit cold there.

Mrs.Rymen told Matthew his mom got lost so she might be a little late. Our first station was to show us how to load a gun. First you have to have all your top and bottom teeth to rip open the gunpowder packet. Then you pull back the cap of the gun and pour a little gunpowder then close the cap and pour the rest in the barrel of the gun. Next you grab the ram rod to ram the gun powder all the way at the bottom. Finally you flip the safety lever and wait for the captain's orders for the command to fire the gun and he fired toward the pond and it was loud.

The next station was a old lady telling us about a story about how indians were chasing them on their stagecoach. (also there actors)The next station was about what they ate and where they slept. They would eat this type of oatmeal with honey and cream and would eat it for breakfast,lunch,and dinner. People would sleep near the roof and the animals would sleep in there bed next to the people by the campfire. Then it was time for lunch.I ate half a sandwich and crackers and some apples. After that matthew and I went to traders row to see what was there.

I bought a small pack of rock candy and I also bought a small glass pane with my name on it. Then this norwegian guy told about his life and how he moved to America.Also there’s this funny part when he said a ghost on December 24th would go by each house give a gift basket to put their gifts inside. DylanE. said is it Santa? Then the norwegian guy said No! Not the fat man! Then it was time to go so when Matthew left I rode the bus back to school and I felt disappointed that I left,but I hoped I would go again soon.
Albert Lea Minnesota, Big Island Rendezvous on Our Story's Festival Fanatics #80