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Welcome To Our Avon Family!


I am thrilled you have decided to build a future with your new Avon business! My name is Stacey McCoy and I am the Avon District Sales Manager for your area. My hope is you will find useful tips and suggestions in this welcome newsletter that will lead you to success with your new business. My goal is to help support new Representatives who want to make money with Avon. In my experience, the only Representatives who are not successful with Avon, are those who quit to soon! Remember, I am here to help you be successful so stay in touch!!!

How Does Avon Work?

3 Ways to Make Money: Face to Face Customers, Team Building, and eStore Customers

  • You will have brochures (Avon books) that you hand out to everyone you meet. Show your books to as many people as you can. Don't forget to show them to your family and friends too! You will want to call everyone you give a brochure to before your order is due. Our orders go in every other week.

  • A great money tip is to collect all or half of the money from the customer at the time they order so if you are required to pay a deposit for your order when you place it, you have the funds to do it without dipping into your household funds.

  • You will be given a free eStore address as part of your registration process with your new account. Be sure to post your eStore address on all of your social media sites daily, and include your eStore address on the back of every book you hand out, and on every sample you give out.

  • Want to earn $1000 in 90 days? Meet your Sales & Recruiting Goals given to you by Avon and the money is yours!


  • Register your account by going to www.youravon.com and click register (write that password down somewhere safe)

  • Create a web address for your eStore (you can personalize your eStore address or use the default Avon provides you with)

  • Start texting the daily care flyer to all of your contacts. This is a GREAT deal and allows you to start taking orders while you are waiting on your kit from Avon, and is only available to you as a New Representative for your first 7 campaigns. I have included an image of the daily care flyer below.

  • The more customers you service the more money you make! Work the Simple Plan - 10 paying customers a week ordering $20, and two new team members a week will give you approximately $600 a month in earnings NOT counting referrals & team building bonuses

  • Selling is more fun when you do it with a friend. Earn referral bonuses for each successful new team member you add. Text me when you have your first team member ready to sell if you need assistance.
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Try these tips from an experienced top selling Representative:

  • Start by giving a brochure to everyone you know. Friends, family, neighbors all need to buy gifts for their loved ones so make it easy for them. If you are worried about appearing pushy then say it in a really casual tone, “Here’s the latest brochure, if you want anything just give me a call” and leave it at that. Keep a list of who you give your books to and call them the day before your order is due and ask them "What from the book would you like to order?" If they mention a pay period, give them your customer website and tell them they can shop with you the day they get paid and have their products mailed directly to them.

  • Don’t forget about all of the GUYS that you know as well! Men struggle to come up with great gift ideas for their significant others for birthdays and anniversaries so make it easy for them by offering suggestions, or even making up a gift basket for them.

  • Make your regular customers feel special by giving them a free gift with their orders to say thank you for being a great customer. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, a hand cream or lip balm is perfect! As an added bonus you can do a customer appreciation raffle that everyone who orders get to be a part of.

  • Offer gift wrapping for free. People shop for gifts year round! Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, and Christmas, just to name a few. You can pick up some nice paper at dollar stores or use clear cellophane with a pretty bow. Extra touches like these can increase customer orders and create loyalty.

  • Tossing books into your neighbors driveways and surrounding areas can be lucrative. Some people like to roll and toss (roll up the brochure and secure with a rubber band), however try using a cute seasonal ribbon (Christmas, Valentines' Day, Spring,etc.) instead to grab attention. Even better is to hang your brochure on the front door knob of your customer’s houses so they will see their ‘gift’ when they arrive home. Be sure to include your customer website so they can choose to shop 24/7 with you!

  • Use lipstick samples as sparkly decorations! Just add some sparkly string to tie to doorknobs of your neighbors home, or put them in little clear bags and hang the bags. These are also great to give out to potential customers, just make sure you include your business card as well!

Care of "http://www.avon-selling-secrets.com/avon_articles.html"


What do you want to earn every campaign?

When you have that answer, look to the earnings chart. Do you know how much you make based on your order size? Do you know what it will take to get you to the next earnings level? The charts below help you to make the most with AVON and achieve your goal(s). The kickstart chart shows your goals for your first 7 campaigns. When you make your kickstart goal, you earn 40%. Beginning with your 8th campaign you earn from the earnings chart below...you sell more & you earn more!

Don't forget your customer website that is an important source of earnings! Sales through your customer website are important for 2 reasons-

1. You earn 20% regardless of the order size. That 20% is credited to your account but you also may sign up for direct deposit. Read all about direct deposit by logging into youravon.com account, clicking my account and then clicking "get paid faster".

2. Those sales count toward your total campaign sales. You are credited from a sale from your customer website about 1 day after it ships. Those sales are then added to the order you put in at youravon.com to create your earnings %. If those sales bump you to the next 'hot point' your percentage earned on your face to face sales goes up!

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Congrats! Now that you have registered and learned a bit about how to make money with Avon, here are some next steps to keep you going on the $$$ track!

Join our District Facebook Group where I share eStore specials, tips, and recognition! www.facebook.com/groups/stars.1153.1269/

Take some Avon University Classes on youravon.com. They are free for you and provide you with great product knowledge!

Refer your first person to Avon! Selling is a lot more fun when you can do it with a team. Text me when you have first team member ready to go!

Open your eStore and share the address with everyone you know. Utilize the social media center on youravon.com by sharing pictures and videos Avon has provided for you. The social media center can be located under the Web Office Tab.

When you share your Avon brochure with someone, ask for their email address so you can add them to your address book on youravon.com. Avon will send emails to your contacts, on your behalf, encouraging them to shop with you and informing them of the special deals happening at your eStore.

BUSINESS SUPPLIES! Use Numbers Below to Add Them to Your 1st Order! Don't forget to add samples! :)

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Since Avon has been around for 130 years, we have developed and maintained partnerships with other awesome companies so you have additional benefits JUST FOR BEING ACTIVE WITH AVON! :)

Go to youravon.com account and click the MY COMMUNITY tab. Then click AVON ADVANTAGE. Here you will see all the wonderful partnerships and savings AVON has to offer you. Some of the benefits include:

- A WELLCARD SAVINGS CARD which is a FREE card that provides health care discounts on services to save you money! Check out the Avon Advantage or here is the link http://icba.activatebenefits.com/wellcard

- The ICBA Benefits Program - OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR HEALTH COVERAGE IS NOW. They provide access to group benefit programs, insurance and discounts that enable individuals to become, or continue to operate as, Independent Contractors.

- Discounts with national cell phone partners Sprint and T-Mobile

- 250 free business cards by going to the Town and Country website and looking to the left on the screen for that promo! Only pay $5.95 to ship them! Amazing!

Again, there is SO MUCH more so log on NOW to check it out!


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Thanks for joining the Avon Sisterhood. I look forward to seeing you succeed as CEO of your brand new business!


District Sales Manager - Stacey McCoy 205-276-9012 - stacey.mccoy@avonusa.com (please text only after 5pm)

Customer Service - 513-551-2866