Sorority Small Talk

Addressing Mental Health during Sorority Recruitment

The Issue

We talk about values and the importance of keeping one’s values in mind during recruitment—why, then, is mental health not a value that sorority leadership, Greek advisors, Panhellenic staff and recruitment counselors prioritize? Why can’t we change the way we address and run formal recruitment so that being released from the process or not being asked back to an organization isn’t completely devastating? Why is formal recruitment static? We’ve prioritized physical and mental health as a hard and fast rule—hazing is not tolerated by the Panhellenic community. Can we take that same passion that our members have about anti-hazing and apply it to making recruitment a better process?

What Can We Do?

Let's ingrain the importance of mental health into our sisters and potential new members. There are resources for women on both sides of the process--counseling centers, greek life advisors, recruitment counselors, and more. We need to teach the signs of distress, and understand how we can help others and ourselves.

About Us

Sorority Small Talk is a local movement to help bring awareness to mental health and the detrimental effects sorority recruitment can have.