Airsoft Culture

By: Ayrton Owen and Justin Boyce

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The Shadow: Warriors that use airsoft as a defence and as a fun sport since the achenit times.

FPs Dance

This is an ancient ritual that the Shadows did when getting shot with an airsoft gun.
Airsoft - Shot 200+ times

MRE Rations

MRE Rations have been eaten by the Shadows for many years.

Its the shadows favorite food but on holidays and specials occasions they eat other food.Or you can eat protein bars, Cereal, and Selected sandwiches.

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Ghille Suits Clothing

The Ghille Suit is the ancient cloth that was forged to camouflage the Shadow from various predators. One of these predators would include the Paintballers.


We all believe in Christianity because we love God and pray for accuracy and precision. We also believe in Christianity because our Messiah Jesus loves us all.



Democracy in which all eligible Citizens are meant to participate equally in voting and other group activity's.


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