MRE Update

December 7, 2018

Specialist Update


· Steady Beat, Body Percussion, Phrasing

· December Holiday Songs from different cultures

· Pitch and Rhythm of Miss White - singing and playing darbukas

· Locomotor movement to music, quater, half, eighth note speeds

Grade 1

· Passing/Catching ball to a beat - Hello There

· Body Percussion/Phrasing

· Music of December holidays, read rhythms, perform on darbukas, sing

· Computer program "Music Ace" - composing music with "doodle pad"

Grade 3

· reading/clapping duple and triple rhythms

· Notes of the Treble Clef

· Focus on reading notes "B", "A", "G" - first 3 pitches of song flute

· Clef notes computer game - reinforce note reading

· Nutcracker Story/Music - melodies from different cultures

Grade 4

· Clef Notes - Treble Clef note reading drill on computer

· Wrap up counting music & bucket drumming - quarter & eighth notes, quarter rests

· Finale Notepad computer program

· Begin composing a short song using note values and counting skills learned in bucket drumming

Grade 5

· Wrap up bucket drumming - quarter & eighth notes and rests

· Ledger Line introduction

· Come See the Lights - read music and perform on xylophones

Physical Education

Kindergarten and Grade 1 are finishing up our dance unit with some country line dancing and some African dancing, and will also be incorporating some mindful movement and emotional intelligence practice into our classes this month.

Grade 2 is wrapping up a unit on competitive and cooperative games including hand ball, 4 square, and some basic net games. We will be transitioning to some mindful movement and emotional intelligence practice for the last few weeks of 2018.

Grades 3 and 4 will still be working on dribbling and volleying skills.

Grade 5 is in the middle of a volleyball unit where they are working together in teams to plan practice activities in order to be more successful in game situations.




Introduction to MyPlate and the five food groups.

First Grade:

Conflict Resolution

How can I solve my problem?


Review five food groups and how to make a healthy plate.

Second Grade:

Conflict Resolution

How can I solve my problem?

Co-teach with Mr. B emotional intelligence.

Third Grade:

Decision Making

What are the steps to making a positive decision?

Fourth Grade:

Decision Making

Who/what influences my decisions?

Fifth Grade:

Decision Making

How can I make healthful decisions around tobacco-related situations?


Kindergarten and First Grade: Primary and secondary colors-making paintings and drawings using a variety of materials. Literature connection: Little Blue Little Yellow.

Second Grade: The color wheel- using a variety of materials to mix secondary and tertiary colors, and making beautiful pictures as we go.

Third Grade: Using collage and painting to make a mosaic. Skills: color-mixing, designing, attaching.

Fourth and Fifth Grade: They have finished their landscapes and are beginning an abstract painting. Skills covered: showing space, blending and mixing colors, and creating a balanced composition. Some of the landscapes are on display in the first floor foyer and hallway.



· Kindergarten is finishing our Three Little stories with The Three Little Tamales and will enjoy a holiday book Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift – a Christmas/Hanukkah story.

· Grade 1 will conclude our gingerbread series with Tough Cookie and find out what happens to a cookie who is a slowpoke and tastes terrible – it has a happy ending.

· Grade 2 has started a new genre – Biographies. Starting this month we ill read about Houdini, Amelia Earhart, and Louis Braille and find out what special accomplishments these people achieved.

· Grade 3 will begin reading Greek Myths. We will read about many ancient heroes who perform noble deeds. The First Olympic Games and Midas’ Golden Touch will start our study.

· Grade 4 will enjoy Chris Van Allsburgh’s Polar Express, which they are already familiar with and compare it to the other books we have read by the author/illustrator. Grade 4 is also practicing using the online library catalog.

· Grade 5 now knows the answer to this riddle – “The 22nd and 24th Presidents had the same mother and father, but weren’t brothers. Neither was adopted or switched at birth. How is this possible?” They learned the answer while reading Ken Burns’ book – Grover Cleveland Again. Grade 5 is also becoming very proficient in using the online card catalog.



Grade 1 has completed some work about the Fall in Wixie and has started to learn about finger placement and Typing Using DanceMat Typing. They are doing so well with it! They, too, will be coding first with Kodables and then with the Star Academy Foos.

Grade 2 has finished a cardinal direction project and a Thanksgiving project, check Seesaw for their work. They will be starting a big project on the 7 continents this month and will be doing coding in the new year.

Grade 3 is just finishing their Pilgrim Slideshows. A link for these presentations will be posted shortly. They will be presenting them next cycle. They will be moving on to coding activities which will include programming our Dash Robots.

Grade 4 has been entrenched in Computational Thinking. We explored the terms Abstraction and Algorithm. They started working in the Hour of Code Dance Party and will continue learning coding structures using Scratch 3.0.

Grade 5 has been learning about the Disappearance of Bees and the possibility of using Robobees. They have been exposed to the many-faceted problems scientists are working on to make this a reality. They have started to program drones and over the next month will be testing, modifying and re-testing their programs and the pollinators they have designed in their classrooms.

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Enrichment Volunteering Opportunities

One aspect of MRE that makes it a great place for students is the chance for the students to experience opportunities beyond academics. For the past five years, the students at the Mary Rowlandson School have been able to take part in enrichment activities during and after school. Five years ago, a substantial monetary grant was given to the PTO to support enrichment opportunities for all students. Just as important as the monetary donation was, the time donated by volunteers to run the activities has been a key to the enrichment programs success.

This year will be running two Enrichment Sessions. The first will be in the winter, the week of January 6th to the week of February 11th. The second session will run in the spring, the week of March 4th to April 8th. Each session will be six weeks.

We are looking for volunteers to help run or support activities during the winter session. Please complete the form below if you are interested in helping the students of Mary Rowlandson School expand their opportunities. There are currently 6 people who will be running sessions. It would be nice to have a few more opportunities for students.

Enrichment Activities typically run once a week either during lunch/recess time or after school for 30 to 45 minutes. Please click the link below to help out with the MRE Winter Enrichment Activity.


Monday, Feb. 18th 2019 at 9pm to Friday, Feb. 22nd 2019 at 9am

Center School 403 Great Road, Stow, MA 01775

Dates to Remeber

Dec 7 Early Release, 12:15 PM Dismissal - Lunch will be served including ½ day Kindergarten

Dec 8 PTO Shop-Local Event, 10:00-3:00, MRE/LBMS Cafeteria

Dec 14 1st Trimester Report Cards are issued

Dec 20 PTO Cultural Enrichment: Poetry in Motion, Grades 3-5 during the school day

Dec 21 Holiday Sing-Along

  • 9:30 AM for grades 3, 4, 5 and Half-day Kindergarten

  • 2:00 PM for grades K, 1, 2
    **Spirit Day** all are encouraged to wear an ugly sweater or silly socks to go along with the Holiday Sing-Along

Dec 24-Jan 1 No School - Winter Break