Climate Geography of North America

Skyler Hoke

Humid Continental Climate

"A humid-continental climate covers the northeastern quarter of the nation."


The Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean moderates temperatures slighty

Humid Subtropical Climate

"A humid-subtropical climate is found in the southeastern quarter of the nation."


The climate is influenced by the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Savanna Climate

"The very southern tip of Florida extends beyond the humid-subtropical region. This area has a tropical-savanna climate."

Tropical savanna climates have monthly mean temperature above 18 °C (64 °F) in every month of the year and typically a pronounced dry season, with the driest month having precipitation less than 60 mm and also less than (100 − [total annual precipitation {mm}/25]).

Steppe Climate

"West of 100 degrees west longitude is the steppe climate of the Great Plains.


Extremes can be recorded in the summer of up to 40 °C (104 °F) and in winter, –40 °C (–40 °F).

The highland zone is of relatively low altitude and is distinguished by the growth of thick shrubs such as heather, tussock grasses, and deciduous trees and bushes.

Desert Climate

"The Intermountain region, located between the major mountain areas of the west, has mainly dessert and steppe climates due to its rain-shadow location."

The Intermountain region holds desert climates

Marine West Coast Climate

"The mild marine-west-coast climate dominates the Pacific Northwest."

Alaska has a marine west coast climate

Mediterranean Climate

"The Mediterranean climate bathes southern and central California."

Mediterranean Climate has sunny summers

Humid Tropical Climate

"Because the Hawaiian Islands fall in the easterly trade wind belt, they are wetter on the windward, eastern sides where they have a humid-tropical climate.

Hawaiian Islands have a humid tropical climate

Subarctic Climate

"Alaska is the northernmost state and the only one that extends into the subarctic and tundra climate."

Areas that have subarctic climate have long, cold winters