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December 2016

Holiday Sales- Sophia Williams

That bell rang again! It’s holiday time. Christmas is only a few weeks away! But when there is Christmas, there are presents, and presents = shopping! A lot of people don’t like to spend tons of money on gifts around the holidays, and they don’t have to, there are tons of sales, and offers that gift stores and stores in general offer!

We all know that shopping can be super annoying and sometimes boring. Maybe when your Mom is constantly asking you things such as, “ Honey, please try on this coat, it will look adorable on you”! And we are super embarrassed! But for those who don’t really like going shopping but still need to buy things or get presents, there are tons of online sites that offer the same things as a store in the mall (thank you 21st century technology)! Here are some links and stores that offer online coupons, so you can stay at home AND you get your discount!

Now these are just some the the many online coupons. Retail Me Not is a great site that most stores online and in-store offer. It has coupons that are up to date and a super easy to use! It is also very reliable and trustworthy. I highly suggest using it for your holiday and present shopping! The hyperlink below is the Retail Me Not sight:

In-store shopping works for all of those people out there who love to shop and try on things before they buy. In-store shopping also has a lot of coupons and offers to save money as well as online shopping. For some of our favorite department stores I have a few in-store coupon hyperlinks:

We all know shopping can have it’s up and downs. It can be boring, but if you think about the spirits in the air, it can also be kind of fun. And depending on what type of person you are, you can choose between online and in-store. They are both excellent ways to get work done! Christmas is a time of giving, and stores are giving you discounts, I would take them! I wish you all a merry Christmas, with lots of happiness! Happy shopping!!!!

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Thanksgiving Food- Corrie Kennedy

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and eat delicious food. Well that’s what this is all about Thanksgiving’s delicious food. I have interviewed Mr.Vreeland, Antonio and Hannah. This is what they think about Thanksgiving food:

The first question that I asked was,”what is your favorite Thanksgiving food?” Mr.Vreeland said, “ pumpkin pie”. He said that because on his birthday he would have a pumpkin pie instead of cake. Hannah likes turkey. Just like Mr.Vreeland, Antonio likes pumpkin pie.

The next question I asked was,” Does your family eat any anything unique on Thanksgiving.” Hannah eats sausage. Mr.Vreeland eats Polish food so he eats kabasia and pierogi. Antonio eats Cuban food.

The last question I asked was,”do you eat Thanksgiving food any other time of year.” And all of them said yes. Now that you have heard their opinions, what do you think?

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Christmas DIY- Ava Profilio

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It's winter time now and who wants to spend time hung up on what to get someone or if your tree is up to code. Christmas garland, stockings, ornaments, and cards. Don't put all of your money into those decorations and items. Give back to friends and family, buy them gifts. This can help you calm down about all of the holiday commotion with 10 DIY ideas.

The Tree

Ah! Decorations a tree what can be greater than that, oh yeah not spending money on tree decor. Christmas Garland not used by everyone but looks nice. Here's a simple way to make Christmas tree garland. All you'll need is a thick string or ribbon and popcorn. That's right popcorn! Its really easy, take a strand of your string or ribbon material and start putting pop corn through. If need to make a small hole in your popcorn with a stick or knife. Now remember be cautious with having animals.


These are just some decorating idea, this first idea is a candy canes. You can make multiple candy canes and put them in a small vase or cup. Take your scissors and cut your paper into a square (if not already square). Know you can take some colorful markers and wright a backwards looking L. The. You can start rolling it up so it looks like the second photo provided. Know with a small piece of tape wrap it around to make sure it won't unravel. Now you take a marker and wrap the top around it so the top it curled like a candy cane. Now you can trim the ends if you need to. Do it as many times as you would like because know your done one cute little candy cane.

Advent Calendars! This only requires something like a can,jar,box, etc. Also you will need paint (preferably white), colorful tissue paper, and number stickers. First take your cans or whatever your using and paint them. Once your done painting take a treat(s) and put some in every can. Now you can hot glue the tissue paper to the top leaving it for no one to peek at what they will be soon receiving. Taking your number stickers number the cans from 1-25. You are now done so you can stack up or display however you want.

This one it just a cute little penguin that doesn't require much! All you need is a light bulb, ribbon, and orange,blue,white,and black paint. First you will take a lightbulb either bought from the store or taken out of a lamp and let it cool if was in use. Now this step is based on how well your art skills are, so you draw a penguin on your bulb! Maybe you can look at a image of a penguin or consult the image below. Once your done you can take some patterned ribbon and tape it to hang or hot glue to not lose that crafty look. Now your done, but you can do it again and paint a snowman or reindeer. Yet the bulbs shape help for the penguins shape.

Now for a snowman decoration! This project involves fabric, ribbon, paint, and wood. Now wood, most places tend not to send small pieces of wood so just find the smallest piece possible or take any size of wood a saw the size you want. So paint it white then when it's dry you can add details like eyes, a carrot nose, and a coal smile. Know take some fabric and so it on the end and take some ribbon and wrap it at the top. Know with extra fabric you can make an scarf. After you can hot glue the fabric items on to be secure, especially if you put them outside!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of DIY and that you are able to really enjoy these projects and be inspired and put a spunky twist on them. So no matter you are decorating the tree, making cute decor, or making an awesome advent calendar you can enjoy this winter!!!

Why Dogs are Great Pets- Elena Althouse

Why Dogs are Great Pets:

Having a dog is a big responsibility. You have to feed them, clean their home, you have to walk them, and you also have to give them entertainment. I am going to tell you why you may want a dog and how to take care of them!

Taking your dog for a walk and playing with your dog outside:

A dog is a great pet when you need exercise. When you take them out for

a walk it is very beneficial to you and your dog because you both can get

exercise. Also playing outside is beneficial to both of you because if you’re running around and playing with your dog you also get exercise. Also you should take your dog for a walk every day. When your dog starts barking and acting crazy it usually needs to go to the bathroom. then you have to take them for a walk.

Giving your dog care:

To give your dog care you have to have food, toys and a nice home or cage to live in and sleep in. You have to put food in one dog dish and water in the other. Your dog will then come and eat. There are a lot of dog toys that you can get a the store. You can use dog toys to play tug-of-war, fetch etc. You also need to give your dog a cozy home, and you have to bathe them with dog shampoo.

Is a dog a good pet for you? Even though dogs are a big responsibility, they are fun and beneficial to you. Will you get a dog? I hope you learned a lot about dogs. Thanks, bye.

Ways To Be a Good Friend- Daneila C.

Friendship, a bond between two or more people. And it’s the holiday season so it's the gift giving so here's how to have the best friendship ever!!

Listening Skills

When your friend has something to say look at them actually listening and tell them your thoughts and feelings. give complete attention it’s very good friendship skills.

Ways To Be A Good Friend

Sira says “ be nice to your friends don’t disrespect them encourage them to be a better person” Camryn says “. Be nice and help them. “ Camryn says .” Be nice and help them .” You can also just be there for them and just do what these people say!

How To Make really Good Friends

One way to make really good friends is not to listen to those silly tests and go with your heart and choose someone who makes you happy not someone that doesn’t make you happy and this doesn’t have to like everything you do!

Genius Hour- Aaqib Masood

Genius hour is something where kids can make up any project they want and work on it. In my class we’re doing genius hour. It's the first time my class did genius hour. My class has been working on it since September. My class is doing a project where there is a problem in the world and we have to help to solve it.

These are what me and my group have been doing so far; A google site A poster on google drawings. It doesn't just have to be a problem in the world and you have to help fix it. It could be something like a rocket launch. If you want more information go to this link or

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Top 5- Christmas Games- Chelsea Richardson

Christmas is almost here and is bringing good cheer--unless you’re bored…. In this article you will know 5 five unique ways to beat the boredom on Christmas Eve or day.

One fun game that you can play is called a Snowman Wrapping Contest. (WARNING: WASTES LOTS OF TOILET PAPER) Instructions: There are two teams that consist of at least two people(So one person can be the snowman). First, you need LOTS of toilet paper. Next, you pick the person that is going to be the snowman (Preferably the smaller person). Then, the contest begins! You and your teammates wrap the person who’s going to be the snowman in toilet paper and decorate. The first or best snowman wins.

Next, we have a gift hot potato. Its really just like it sounds. Instructions: You pass a gift around in a circle to music. The person who has the gift when the music stops, gets to keep that gift. And it goes on until everyone has a present.

Another good game to play is called name that carol. Instructions: Come up with a list of lyrics from a Christmas carol (3-4) that doesn’t consist of the title, then people try to guess what your carol is. The person who has the most, or guesses it first wins.

The fourth Christmas game that is fun to play is a word find. Instructions: People create word finds with christmas words hidden in them and the other person tries to find the words hidden inside. Pretty simple, really.

The fifth and final Christmas game is called the Christmas stocking relay race. Instructions: You split up into teams and have lots of candy in a bowls. Then, you take as much candy as you can in your arms and run to the other side of the room. (Where your stockings are supposed to be.) Everybody does this in a line like a relay race(because it is) until the first stocking is filled. That team wins! :D

I hope that you enjoyed reading about these fun games to beat the boredom for Christmas. I hope that they helped you a lot and hopefully will play these games for Christmas!!!

Helping Children- Wilmaris Rivera Cabrera

Hi, my name is Wilmaris. You do not know Spanish, but teachers helped me to write for you to understand.

Help children by helping them with their tasks:

  • We Should Have less math homework only 2 times a week and try making the math a little easier to do.

  • How can I make as a teacher homework help for students Easier? I Could Explain the homework to students prior to them taking it home in the evenings. Also Could I allow more than just one night to complete homework assignments.

Some Ways to Help People:

  • To help children you have to be patient.

  • All for one and one for all!
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Krumpe's Do-Nut Drop 2015- Hannah King

The Krumpe Donut Drop is a fun tradition that Max and Amy Krumpe have created, that Hagerstown just can’t get enough of!

Who Created Krumpe’s?

This is the story that started it all. The story of Krumpe’s Do-nuts! I all began when Rudolf Max Albert Lewis Krumpe, a young German, came to the United States shortly before World War I. Rudolf was born on July 10, 1894 in or near , Germany, which is located in east-central Germany on the Sale River. Rudolstadt was a small industrial city which produced chemicals and porcelain. As a young boy, Rudolf dreamed of going to sea, and as teenager set out to become a merchant seaman. As a merchant seaman, Rudolf had the opportunity to travel all over the world.

What Is The Donut Drop?

It’s the Krumpy Donut Drop!! The annual delusion event, that features our very own Krumpy Donut Shop!! The Krumpe Donut Shop is the donut shop that has been around for a long time. The Donut Drop is where a giant fake donut drops and it is just like in NY.

When Is It?

When is this delicious event? Well I have the answer to that! This event is on December 31 2015 at 6pm Sharp! It’s just like the real ball drop except you get donuts, and you don’t have to go to Manhattan New York!

Where Is It?

Hey, Do you know where this is this delicious event is being held? Because this article is no us if you don’t know where to go! Well I have the answer to that too. It is at 912 Maryland Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

Thanks for reading about The Krumpe Donut Drop, and I hope to see you there. I will be looking for you.