paper towns

Authors Theme

One of the main themes in paper towns is chasing and going after what you want in life. The theme is shown through many of the characters. For example Q would stop at nothing to find what he wanted in life which was Margo. Margo would leave every thing behind just to get out of the town Orlando.

Conflict-tell what it is and what kind of conflict

there are many minor conflicts in paper towns but one of the major conflicts is man vs society as Q tries to find Margo. its man vs society because he feels its his responsibility to find her however he feels he is the only person who truly wants to find her

Characters-with direct & indirect characterzation

Q- hes preparing for his graduation.He has been secretly in love with his neighbor Margo. Q is a nerdy guy he hangs out with the band geeks and when Margo disperses hes determined to find her

Margo- Margo is a mystery as some people put it. Margo is the most popular girl in school shes adventurous shes a mystery but she doesn't let them know that Margo is mystery

Ben starling- One of Qs best fiends Ben is a band geek. he acts like a ladies man but hes never really had a relationship but soon on his quest to find Margo he gets in a relationship with Lacey

Radar-also a band geek and a friend of Q he helps seek out Margo with his girlfriend

Lacey Pamberton- Lacey's one of Margo's best friends. She is one of the only people that is truly concerned about Margo on the tip to find Margo get in a relationship with Ben.


The story begins in Orlando Florida. Soon throughout the story Margo and Q go to sea world and to a bunch of houses and just drive around Orlando. In the middle of the story Margo runs away to New York (paper town) so Q and his fiends drive to New York to find her

summary of the story

The novel begins with a bit of background information about Q and Margo’s relationship when they were kids and then describes their relationship in modern day. One night Margo asks Q to help on a revenge drive. She plans to get revenge on everyone who has done her wrong over the last year. They prank everyone from her ex-boyfriend to the school bully and stay out until it’s almost dawn. They even break into Sea World. Q thinks their friendship may start form again. But, later that morning, he discovers that Margo has disappeared, with no sign of where she may have gone.Through all the stress of graduation and final exams, Q and his friends start to gather clues they believe Margo has left for them. One important clue being a poem they found in her room written by Walt Whitman. The clues lead him to a abandoned mini mall where he thinks Margo has spent time recently. The mini mall has what he believes are clues to Margo’s whereabouts and after a whole convinces himself that Margo has killed herself and wants him to find her. There he finds maps of the United States, one being of New York.Q finally discovers that the map of New York, lines up with pin holes he found in the wall of the abandoned mall. And one point specifically lining up with a place called Agloe, New York. He and his friends so some research and discover that Agloe was actually a copyright trap created by Esso. When they search for it on “Omnictionary”, they discover that someone has posted stating the population of Agloe “Will actually be One until may 29th at Noon.” This post sets off a red flag in Q’s mind because he only knows one person who capitalizes words in the middle of sentences, Margo. And so, it being the day being graduation, also known as the 28th of May in the story, they set of on a journey to find her.

Q, Ben, Radar and Lacey all decide to skip their high school graduation to take a 19 hour road trip to find Margo in Agloe. They have 24 hours to get to her and the drive will take approximately 21 hours. They experience many bumps in the road, including a near death experience. Finally they arrive in Agloe, and discover Margo in yet another abandoned building. Yet she is not the same person they all thought the knew.When they finally find Margo, she is furious that they have come to find her. And they are upset that she is not the Margo the knew before she disappeared. However, they all come to the realization that they don’t need to be who everyone wants them to be. Now, they are all graduated and adults and they can take whatever direction they choose in life. And it just so happens that Margo’s will be to travel and no longer be the fake, “paper girl” she was in Orlando. The novel ends with Margo and Q kissing, but not to the satisfaction of readers, both characters realize that their relationship will never be anything more than friends.

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