An EPIC WATCH by Caleb Lewis Robinson

How It Works

When you ask the Mega Watch something it first thinks about what you said and it gets a picture of it. Then it absorbs chemicals from the air and combines the chemicals to bring you what you asked for. Let's say, your hungry for a taco. Just say " Mega Watch, taco!" and boom! a perfect taco appears in your hand. Or what if you would like fresh avocados from Mexico on your taco? You just say "Mega Watch, avocados from Mexico!" and boom! perfect avocados appear in your hand. What if you want some tortilla chips with your taco? Just say "Mega Watch, open portal to Chipotle." Then stick your head through the portal and order your bag of chips. Mega Watch 929...the best watch you can buy.

Things You Need to Know

  • only $100
  • call 879-483-7779 to order your Mega Watch 929
  • if you order today, you can buy a second Mega Watch 929 for half off!

About the Inventor

Caleb is a 4th grader at WT Elementary. He likes soccer, running, legos, nerf guns and playing Wii. He thought of the Mega Watch 929 because he thinks there are a lot of problems in the world and they should be solved by something you can carry around just on your wrist!