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Region of Texas did the Tiguas live in?

The Tiguas live in Mountains and Basins region.

Type of food the eat and how it was obtained

The Tiguas were farmers. Most of their food was crops they plant and tend, which was mostly corn. They also grew beans and squash. They stored and cooked their food in well made pottery.The men hunted deer, rabbits, antelope, bear for meat. The women would collet wild food like berries.
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Weapons and tools they used.

They used bow and arrows to hunt prey and spears.
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Type of dwelling they lived in

The Tiguas lived in adobe houses. Adobe was made out of sun dried Earth and straw. Smaller logs and sticks would be laid on top of the big ones and mud would be packed down on top of the logs and sticks.

Special traditions they had and organization of leadership

There were important religious ceremonies that had to be done at each stage of the farming season. There were dances and ceremonies before planting.The leader of the Tigua is called a Cacique. They also have a war chief. These two leaders lead most of the ceremonies today. The Tigua still respect their ancestor's religious beliefs by performing many of the old ceremonies, dances and songs.

Where they are located now or what they became of them.

The Tiguas are still here today. Eventually the Tigua started living suburb of El Paso. Their neighborhood is called in Spanish "El barrio de los Indians". After the Americans took over in 1848 of crooked land speculators stole much of the Tigua land from them.

Unique Fact

The Tiguas were also called the Pueblos. The Pueblos are a group of different Indian tribes who lived in southwest Texas. The southwest includes far west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona with bits of southern Colorado and Utah.