I am in the car with Gram and Gramps

And they are bugging me and asking me to tell them a story

I am so scared because I don't like the way they drive because I am afraid of car crashes

Gram laughs so loudly and acts like a maniac, that half the time I am scared of them

I told them the story of how everyone in my school was so scared of small insects

And everyone thought how brave I was to be not scared of those insects, but my classmates didn't

Know my other fears such as cancer, car crashes etc. The main reason that I was scared of my grandparents'

Driving was because they had once been arrested for driving in their underwear. They told me that "he air conditioning, had 'completely fizzled and pooped.' my grandfather explained. They were hot. Two years ago when they drove to Washington, D. C., they were arrested for stealing the back tyres off a Senator's car. 'We had two flat, sprunkled tyres' my grandfather explained. 'We were only borrowing the Senator's tyres. We were going to return them.' In Bybanks, Kentucky, you could do this. You could borrow someone's back tyres and return them later, but you could not do this in Washington, D. C., and you could especially not do this to a Senator's car." So this tells you why I am scared of my grandparents' driving.