Tech Time Newsletter

November 17, 2015

Classroom News

  • Kindergarten will continue to explore software and websites.
  • First grade practiced typing and will use iPads to label computer parts.
  • Second grade will finish research and use Paint to label and color a map.
  • Third grade will watch their weather reports and review Smart Art in Word.
  • Fourth grade will publish their Thinglinks on a natural disaster.
  • Fifth grade will continue their Weebly with a publish date after Thanksgiving.

TenMarks: A Math program that's for Apple and PC users

TenMarks is a Math program that can be used on the iPad and laptops. Several teachers in the district are currently using it in a variety of ways:
  • Reinforce to improve outcomes.

  • Differentiate for every need.

  • Engage and motivate students.

iPad User Group recap

There were a few but mighty group that met on Monday night for the iPad User Group. Here are some highlights. For further information, check out the Technology Resource folder in Blackboard.
  • Puffin Academy is an App found in the Self Serve section of the iPad. With iPad and tablets, students from K-12 can easily access educational resources on the Internet. However, many great interactive websites are developed with Adobe Flash, which is not playable on most mobile devices. Puffin Academy is a web browser where you can store educational sites like ABCYA or Starfall. Puffin Academy always enforces site filtering by only allowing white listed educational websites.

  • Teachers Pay Teachers has many free QR Codes that teachers have created for you to use in your classroom. There is a sample of the coolness below. These could be used in centers during Daily 5 with a small number of iPads.
  • There are many teachers using the iPads for some awesome lessons and centers in their classrooms. And there is some frustration with getting a foundation in place to support Apple products. Julie Maurer, my hero, is working tirelessly to answer all of our questions. If you have questions, be sure and let me know, I will try and answer them or find an answer.
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