Healthy Relationship

How to improve your relationship.

1. Know yourself and your partner

To get on a good relationship, you must know what your partner and yourself. Know what you say and what you think and know what your partner feelings to cheer them up.

2. Be honest to them

Don't lie to your partner because they are going to get suspicious and argue with you. Tell them what you feel or your past that is bothering you and listen to what they say and help them if they do.

3. Give them some space

Don't be to close to them because they would think that you are to obsesses with them. Give them some privacy and they'll give you your privacy.

4. Take responsibility

Now that you are an adult, you must take responsibility for what you say and your action. Blaming what you done to your partner or complaining about it will not help. Instead you could find the solution for it or tell them what you done and they might forgive you.

5. Avoid using electronics

Some relationship don't work out because maybe your partner is always using their phone or they are over using their electronics. If you want to have a good relationship, avoid using your phone or devices and start to become more interactive with your partner.