3 Cool Countries

The Following 3 countries are some of the coolest places to visit in Europe. I provide you with some background information about the following countries that you may need to Know before planning a trip.
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  • Government- Constitutuional republic
  • Leader-President Giorgio Napolitano
  • Italys government is a limited parlimentry
  • They are one of the founding members of the European Union Member
  • Italys has a population of 60 million with 37% airable land
  • The main agricultural exports of italy are sugar beats and tomatoes
  • With a country GDP of 2.013 Trillion Italy has a per capita of $33,048.75
  • Italy uses Euros wich have a exchange rate of $1.36
  • Some of the big brands that come out of Italy are Ferrari, Gucci, Versace
  • The majority of Italians are Roman Catholics
  • Historical landmarks in Italy include The Colosseum and the leaning tower of Pisa

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The United Kingdom

  • The U.K. has a constitutional Monarchy
  • The leader of U.K. is David Cameron
  • They also have a limited government
  • The U.K. is also a part of the European Union
  • A historical event that took place was the sinking of the lusitania in 1915
  • Historical monuments include windsor castle and buckingham palace
  • The U.K. has a population of 63.23 million
  • GDP=2.443 trillion
  • GDP per capita=36,600
  • The use the currency of british pounds
  • Famous brands include Rolls Royce and Bentley
  • They speak English and are mostly Christian
  • One of there cultural foods is Yorkshire Pudding

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  • Germany is a Federal Republic
  • The leader of Germany is President Joachim Gauck
  • Germany is a unlimited government
  • Germany is a member of the European Union
  • A historical event in German history is the signing of the Treaty of Versailles
  • A historical monument is the Berlin Wall
  • Germany has a population of 81.89 million
  • 34.26% of Germany is air able land
  • GDP=3.4 trillion
  • GDP per capita=41,514.17$
  • They use Euros as currency
  • With a exchange rate of 1.36 to american dollar
  • Major brands out of Germany are Mercedes Benz, BMW and Adidas
  • They speak German and are mostly christian