Sherman's March to the Sea

Created By: Kallen Pitz, Faith Brown, and Sydney Bledsoe

What was it?

Sherman's march to the sea was the union marched across Georgia burning homes and stealing food in order to scare Georgias' civilian into abandoning the confederacy.


Sherman's march to the sea took place on November 15, 1864- December 21, 1864.


  • The union had 67,000 soldiers 62 died
  • The march was 225 miles long
  • The union stole food, Livestock, and burned down houses and barns of the civiion of Georgia


The union decided to defeat Atlanta Georgia because the city was really big and if they defeated the big city it would help to frighten the civilian into abandoning the confederacy.


Georgia, Near Savannah and Alanta.


They went along Tennessee and Alabama and stole food, if anyone tried to fight against they would burn their barns and houses down.

Who Won?

  • In April , the Confederacy surrendered and the war was over. In other words the Union won.

General William T. Sherman

When President lincoln saw how good General Sherman was doing with the march to the sea he promoted Sherman to Brigadier on August 7,1861 Sherman was ranked 7th among other officers at that grade. Shermans father server the supreme court of ohio until his sudden death.