Where I Stand

My Thoughts On Markham

There are many constructions that are happening in the City of Markham like new Viva bus stops, new buildings and houses and reconstructions. The results would better the economy and be more convenient to the citizens of Markham, however, the process brings so many inconveniences that I personally believe that the constructions processes should move faster. When the construction takes a long time, it causes many roadblocks and which increases the distance people have to walk and drive. It makes people hard to breath in the area because of the dust in the air. It also creates loud noises that disturb people from resting.

Highway 7 Rapidway -- 2011 Year In Review
Like the video said, the construction starts around 2011 however, that part of Hwy 7 in front of First Markham Place still looks the same, the construction is still unfinished.

Snow Remover

In Canada, there’s a lot of snow in the winter. If you own a house (excluding condos or apartments) you are in charge of shoveling the snow that’s on you property (i.e. driveway). Whichever department was in charge of the snow should find places to pile the snow on the street or make it melt faster instead of pushing it against the side walks because last year’s winter, the people who were in charge of shoveling the snow on my street dumped a lot of snow in front of my driveway, blocking the way because there was no side walk that we are able to pile the snow on. This might be convenience for other to drive, but it caused my dad extra effort to shovel snow.

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Snow Plow in Toronto Action

In the City of Markham, garbage collection happens every other Wednesday, with a limit of 4 privacy bags. I personally feel that the government should not put a limit on the number of privacy bags or the type of garbage bags we must use. We don’t like strangers seeing what we’re throwing out or what we’ve been using. Not to mention that there is the possiblity of someone going through others garbage if they see something they desire. Privacy is one of the fundamental human rights to which we are entitled. By limiting our options in something as simple as garbage bags, we get part of our privacy taken away from us.