Celebration Of Navratri

“Good times, Good music, Good memories.” (anonymous). The Navratri festival is important because everybody is happy and they meet people, they will always remember. The Navratri festival is about colourful lights, traditional clothes, happiness, music and dance. People are awake all nine nights of the festival and dance. Navratri is a dance festival where people pray to God and it’s important because all people rejoice together.

People come from other communities and countries to enjoy the celebration of Navratri. Accordingly, “the festival is enjoyed by all communities, all age groups and in all cities in Gujarat.” In fact,“people all over the World come to Gujarat especially to enjoy this traditional and religious festival.”(Gujarat state portal). People love to celebrate Navratri because everybody connects with each other. The traditional clothes tell us about Indian culture and the fact that Navratri is a religious festival all age groups celebrate.

Navratri is nine nights of celebration and people try to do life differently from normal life.

Indeed,“9 nights of Navratri are filled with ritualistic chanting, prayers, fasting and celebration.” Further,”For Navratri-meaning nine nights- a crowd of people enjoy the sound of drums in a circle.” (Gujarat state portal). People fast to show their Lord honor for the entire festival. During that nine nights, they celebrate and stay different from normal life to show their devotion.

Groups of people come together and celebrate Navratri with music and dance for their lord. In Navratri, people stay together and they enjoy music and lose their minds for God. When people celebrate festivals,they bring happiness with them. People have good memories and they enjoy each other.

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