The Sphinx



the sphinx is a woman with a lion body and a women's head and the wings of a bird and a tail of a serpent !

The Sphinx parents are ..............

they are Echidna and Typhon

the sphinx roman name is


the sphinx

was not married

the sphinx

had no children

fact 1

the sphinx was known to wait out side of the city Thebes and question the travelers

fact 2

one man got the riddle/question right and was let by and the sphinx got up and threw herself of a rock that she rest on while she waiting for a traveler and fell to her death

fact 3


the sphinx was not only known for waiting out side of the city but also known for her riddles.

fact 4

the name sphinx means "to strangle"

fact 5

she was sent by Hera and Ares to Thebes in Greece

fact 6

there is a different story were she gives the answer to a traveler so she would fall to her death and possibly earn the love of the traveler but he did not even thank her he walked by glad he was not killed

fact 7

she had siblings named Cerberus, Hydra.

fact 8

she ether failed to honor her master (name not given) and her master sent her away forever

fact 9

fact 10