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Dr. Keith White 11/19/20

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Thanksgiving Break Next Week!

Thanksgiving Break is next week and all of our schools and district buildings will be closed all week November 23-27th. We hope everyone will take some time during this break to be thankful and grateful for all our many blessings and for the many good things in our lives. Living in a COVID-19 world has changed many of our normal routines and practices in all of our lives. We appreciate everyones patience, grit, and perseverance this fall as our Diamond R-IV School District has planned, implemented, and updated our guidelines to best meet the needs of our students, staff, and community. Overall it has been a very successful fall semester so far and that would not have been possible if we did not have such a great team of dedicated students, teachers, support staff, leaders, and community members. Attached below is a thankfulness tribute video we did for our staff, a Veteran's Day thankfulness video, and a KOAM story about our increased enrollment. We hope everyone has a restful, and relaxing week away from school and get to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If your Thanksgiving plans look different this year due to COVID then please take time to write a letter, make a phone call, or Zoom/Facetime/Video chat with those you love and make sure they know you are thankful and appreciate them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Dr. Keith White, Superintendent

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DHS STUCO Hosted a Veteran's Day Luncheon at the Diamond First Baptist Church

The following video was made by our DHS STUCO for our Veterans.

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) days for Inclement Weather Closings

Diamond R-IV Students, Staff, & Families,

As we approach winter weather, I wanted to provide you with some information that DESE is allowing this year regarding potential snow days and are planned in our district calendar.

2020-21 AMI Information

We are excited to share that Diamond R-IV School District has been granted approval to offer “Alternative Methods of Instruction” or AMI days during the 2020-2021 school year for inclement weather. This plan allows the opportunity for all Diamond R-IV students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather days or emergency days when conditions prevent district schools from being in session. Parents will be informed when an AMI day has been scheduled utilizing our Lumen Parent Portal and other district communication tools (Facebook, Website, and local news agencies).


AMI simply allows for the continuation of learning when students miss days of regular instruction due to district closure for inclement weather. Students will have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, remediation and enrichment through electronic or conventional paper lessons. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has granted the Diamond R-IV School District five days (36 hours) this school year to be built into our calendar on which students will be expected to continue learning off-site (home, etc.). Some benefits of an AMI day include assisting in eliminating gaps in learning by providing learning activities and reducing the need for days to be added at the end of the school calendar.

How Will AMI Days Work?

  • We will continue to communicate a snow day as we have in the past, however on certain days, it will be announced that we are not having school due to weather but we are having an AMI Day. It will be announced as AMI Day 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Teachers will use online resources (Google Classroom like our AMI-X Mondays) or AMI packets depending upon the grade level containing lessons to be completed on AMI days.
  • Instructions and information will be provided by your child’s teachers, and students are expected to complete their Google Classroom assignments on the AMI day and submit printed learning activities within two (2) days of returning to school. If you have questions about learning activities, please do not hesitate to contact your child's school or teacher through email as teachers will be monitoring their emails during regular school hours.


  • Students and Diamond R-IV district staff will NOT attend school on an AMI inclement weather day. All students will have instructional activities to be completed at home on AMI days.
  • AMI days count as instructional days and do not have to be made up at the end of the school year if students and staff complete assigned work.
  • Students who do not complete and submit AMI online assignments (Google Classroom), or printed packets within two days of returning to school, will be marked absent for the related AMI day.
  • The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has allowed five AMI days (36 hours) for the 20-21 school year.
  • As we implement this new method, we anticipate that we will learn lessons along the way and make necessary adjustments to improve our AMI plan to best meet the needs of our students. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to phone or email your child’s school.
  • AMI days will only be used for inclement weather or other emergency situations. Any necessary COVID related virtual learning that is needed will fall under our AMI-X (Extended) Plan which we utilize on our AMI-X Mondays and for all school closures (phases) related to COVID.

Dr. Keith White, Superintendent

COVID-19 Dashbaord

Our positive COVID-19 numbers and amount of quarantined students has increased slightly districtwide with four current positive student cases, three current staff positive cases (one comes off tomorrow), and twelve students quarantined. Thanksgiving Break is coming next week and all of our current cases will come off over the break or right after. You can check our current numbers at the following COVID-19 District Dashboard which is updated regularly.

Elementary Para Position, Substitute Teachers, Bus Drivers, & Custodians needed!

Diamond Elementary is currently seeking an individual who loves kids and wants to make a difference in their lives as an Educational Paraprofessional. If you or you know of someone who has at least 60 hours college credit and would be a great team member for the DES team please complete an application online at diamondwildcats.org, click on the JOB OPENINGS tab, and contact the DES office at 417-325-5189.

Do you know someone interested in becoming a substitute teacher and do not have 60 hours of college courses yet? No problem as DESE has modified the requirements due to COVID https://dese.mo.gov/educator-quality/certification/substitute-teachers. If you are interested in daily making a positive difference in our schools for students go to diamondwildcats.org and click on the JOB OPENINGS tab. Follow the instructions and fill out an application for SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. You will be able to attach your sub certificate from DESE to the application. Once the application is complete, well will send the applicant an employment packet and once returned, they will be added to the district sub list.

If you are interested in being a bus driver or custodian for the Diamond R-IV School District, please follow this link: https://diamond.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx.

Wildcat Spotlights!

The Fall seasons for our Diamond R-IV activities have concluded and individual program awards banquets have been planned this year to help with social distancing. Below are pictures from our Cross Country, Volleyball, Football awards banquets, DHS NHS, DMS Leadership, FFA Food For America Day for DES students. Our Winter seasons/activities have started and we have high hopes for a great winter season for our activities and school organizations to be Wildcat Strong!.

Diamond FFA Hosts Food For America Day for DES Students

Thanks to the AMAZING weather, DES students were able to participate in FFA’s Food For America Day. Students learned all about farming, animals, and our Earth. Thanks to the HS FFA students and sponsors for hosting such a fun and educational event!

Southwest Activities Conference Expands to Nine Schools by Adding Stockton!

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Telemedicine Machines Delivered!

On November 17th Diamond R-IV Schools received our three School-Based Telemedicine Program machines for our schools. Thank you Freeman Health Systems Neosho Hospital for partnering with our district and the Newton County Commissioners for funding it through Cares Act funding! The student and parent education information flyer is attached below or you can visit our website at diamondwildcats.org and click on the Telehealth link for more information.
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