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December 2016-Ashford University Newsletter

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Military Development and Engagement

The Military Community Newsletter at Ashford University was created for you to learn about and share community events, resources, and key topics relevant to service members, veterans, and their families nationwide. Please contact Ashford's Military Development and Engagement Specialist if you have questions or additional resources you would like to share with your fellow military community.


  • Career Services Events for Students and Alumni
  • Military Education Outreach Team and Events
  • Lifeline for Vets
  • Clinton Campus Flag Dedication for Veterans Day 2016
  • Student Veterans Organization
  • for U.S. Military Families

  • Get Connected with Military CHAMPS

  • Postal Service Offering Discounted Holiday Shipping for Military Families

  • Nationwide Conference Calendar by Month: US Veterans Magazine

  • Previous Editions
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Click For Upcoming Webinars, Workshops, & Career Events

Upcoming Events: Webinars, Workshops, Teleconferences, and Career Hiring Events

Military Education Outreach Team and Events

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Click Here Military Education Outreach Team and Events

Meet the Ashford Military Outreach Team and find out when they will be on a base near you!

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Lifeline for Vets

Not every call the Lifeline for Vets takes is a suicide crisis call. But every call we take is a suicide prevention call.

That's because helping Veterans get jobs aids in suicide prevention. As is helping them find or keep housing, access their benefits, get medical care, financial help and counseling. Because becoming suicidal is a process, a process that can often take years.

The stability that our transition services provides puts Veterans on a different path than the one that ends with them taking their own lives.

Founded in 1985, the National Veterans Foundation" Lifeline for Vets has served over 400,000 veterans through its Lifeline for Vets.

  • The Lifeline is a one-stop resource for Veterans transitioning from the military to civilian life. We take suicide crisis calls, as well as calls from veterans looking for resources and information on benefits, employment, counseling, financial assistance, and any other issue the veteran might be facing.
  • The NVF Lifeline for Vets uses all Veteran counselors.
  • Veterans need direct contact with somebody who understands what happens in combat and in the military, and what happens when they are literally dropped back in the middle of civilian life. They need contact with an experienced Veteran.

You can help Lifeline for Vets provide transitioning Veterans with the services and support they need, to put them on a path to successful reintegration, and away from the path that leads to suicide. Learn more

Clinton Campus Flag Dedication for Veterans Day 2016

On Thursday, November 10th, the Clinton Campus celebrated Veteran's Day with a flag dedication at 11:00 a.m. CT. Employees raised an American flag and a POW-MIA flag on a flagpole that is new to the campus and situated between the two buildings.

Shelly Mohr, VP of Clinton Campus Operations, introduced three employee veterans- Betsy Vanausdeln, AU Faculty Support & Development Associate, Beau Brewer, AU Financial Services Manager, and Carl Melrose, AU Custom Protect Officer.

During the ceremony, Betsy read "I am the Flag" by Ruth Apperson Rous and Beau read a flag dedication. The ceremony closed with all employees reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance". Thank you to the Clinton employees for honoring our Veterans.

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Student Veterans Organization

The mission of Ashford University’s Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO) is for military and veteran students and alumni to assist active duty and veteran students with their educational goals through mentoring, professional networking, and support with their job search.

The SVO supports the unique needs of service members and their families, encourages persistence by celebrating accomplishments, and motivates military students and their dependents to achieve personal, professional, and educational goals.

This is a safe space where veteran students can speak the same language, be open about personal or professional challenges, seek out resources, and find ways to give back to the community while building relationships with peers.

Get Connected with Fellow Veterans Today (Must have LinkedIn Profile to join) for U.S. Military Families

Tutoring and homework help provided at no cost to active duty service members and their eligible dependents. Funded by the Department of Defense (DoD) MWR Library Program, the DoD Navy General Library Program, the DoD Voluntary Education Program and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

  • Around the Clock Help
  • All Core Subjects, All Skill Levels
  • Expert Tutors You Can Trust
  • Safe, Anonymous Learning Environment for U.S. Military Families, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, is a program that allows eligible students (grades K-12) and service members in U.S. military families to connect to a live tutor online at any time for one-to-one help with homework, studying, test prep, proofreading and more at no cost.

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Get Connected with Military CHAMPS

Ashford understands the challenges of being a military affiliated student while pursuing higher education. We have developed a program dedicated to addressing those unique needs. It is our goal to pair up Military Mentees with Military Mentors so there is common ground and cultural understanding where the pair speaks the same language.

Deployments, frequent moves, and field exercises can all be distracting when you are attending classes. Connect with a Mentor who can help navigate those overwhelming waters, provide resources, tips, and personal experience to help you be as successful as possible while also building a relationship with another peer.

Top Reasons Mentees Join CHAMPS:

  • To get to know another student on a personal level
  • For support and guidance on managing time and other commitments
  • For advice and encouragement as you begin your academic journey
  • Tips to navigate Ashford Writing Center, Library and student Portal.

Sign up to get a Mentor

Sign up to become a Mentor

Postal Service Offering Discounted Holiday Shipping for Military Families

The U.S. Postal Service is offering discounted shipping of presents and cards to military members this holiday season.

Among other benefits, those sending packages in the largest priority mail boxes would receive a discounted price of $16.75.

These flat rate boxes are free at local post offices or can be purchased online.

In addition, the postal service has launched a free military care kit, which includes four priority mail flat rate boxes, priority mail tape and address labels and customs forms.

To order the care kit, you can call 800-610-8734. Learn about shipping guidelines.


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Nationwide Conference Calendar by Month

Stay up to date on nationwide events that could impact you. Career expos, transition workshops, and everything in between. Presented by US Veterans Magazine.

* The newsletter may contain now or in the future links to other websites, such as links to military charities, discounts or offers, or other third parties that may provide services or products to you. These links and this information is being provided to you for your convenience and as a resource. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, the content of, or any other actions of such other websites or their owners or operators, information they may collect or information they may share. Further, the inclusion of an organization on this newsletter does not indicate an endorsement of such organization (or of any religious or political point of view promoted by such organization) by Ashford University or its affiliates.

Editor: Stephanie Kinman: Military Development and Engagement Specialist

Stephanie Kinman is a six year Navy Veteran. She spent two of those years attached to a Marine unit. Her personal and professional experience provides understanding to unique challenges military students face. She achieved her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix and her MSW with a focus on Military and Veteran Populations from University of Southern California.

Stephanie is dedicated to the military student population and brings her education, social work background and personal experience, both in the military and in the classroom, to provide resources, community events, and hot topic webinars to the military students at Ashford University.

She is the creator of the Ashford Military Community Newsletter, oversees the CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program for military affiliated students, and recently kicked off the Military Speaker Series as a means to elevate military cultural competency university wide.

Please connect with her if you are interested in being featured in the newsletter, making a contribution, or looking to mentor other military students.