The Girl Who Was A Slave!!!

The Moses Of Our People!!!

The moses of our people is Harriet Tubman thats what people called her because she led so many people out of slavery and people loved that she led them to freedom because no body even liked being a slave on the plantation!


Harriet Tubman!

Harriet tubman was the moses of our people she led so many people out of slavery with out getting caught by the master if the got by the master she would get a really hard whip from the master or some thing even worse like she might get hung or shot because they did not jail back then so they either had to get hung or they had to get a whip or they even some times had to get shot if they did some thing really really bad that the master did not like.

A Fun Fact About Slaves!!!

Harriet Tubman and other slaves don't where shoes because there was no such thing of shoes back then so they had to work the plantation all day in the hot sun nobody liked it out there and they had to work very hard out on the plantation or they would get a whip from the master so many people tried to run to freedom but they could not it because make the master keeps on catching them but only one person made her name was harriet tubman.