BUDDY the elf

Daily News

Day 1: It's that time of year!

*I came to visit for the holidays!

*The class walks in quietly until they see me....then they scream "ELF"

* Ms. Johnson read the book Elf on the Shelf and the class got to vote on a name.

*Majority rules and my name is Buddy!

Day 2: Purple Christmas Tree

*Flying back to Santa is hard work!

*I got hungry so....I stole Ms. Johnson's donuts in her desk.

*I took a bite and thought "hmmm....they make good ornaments too!"

Day 3: "Hanging Out"

*It was snowing in the north pole last night when I flew back.

*I decided to bring back some snowflakes with me!

*They are making Ms. Johnson's room look more festive!

Day 4: Reading is Fun!

*I just love reading! (and not to mention this caterpillar is very comfy.)

*Today I am remembering my dear friend Rudolph!

*This story always makes me smile! I mean, what would we do without his red nose?

Day 5: Roasting Marshmellows

* This rainy weather makes me want to be by a cozy fire.

* And since we can't have real fire here at school, I got a fake candle instead......

I think if I sit here long enough my marshmallows will roast.

*All I need now is some chocolate and graham crackers!

-Have a great weekend! See you again on Monday.

P.S. Tell your kids to be good!

Day 6: Happy Monday

*Hope everyone had a great weekend!

*Did anyone get any shopping done?

-I sure did, well I really just bought for myself and wrapped them up!

*Did I mention I don't like wrapping presents? The tape gets all sticky and the folds on the presents are never right...

Day 7: Glitter

*So...I always wanted to make a glitter angel so, I did!!!

*The custodians are gonna love me!

---But it was so worth it!

Day 8: Sleepy

* All this cold weather makes me want to cuddle up!

(not to mention the kids are so ready for a break, they just can't seem to stop talking)

*So good night, maybe I will have more energy tomorrow after I rest today!


*So I was up on the flag pole...very unsafe idea!!!

*I thought I saw a spider and took a tumble...I had a safe landing, but boy did I have a headache.

*So I went home and slept it off... I am back in full swing today

Day 10: Candy Canes

*I am feeling much better today...I am tucked away in a safe place.

* Since Ms. Johnson's class was so worried yesterday, I brought them in a treat from the North Pole....

that's right, CANDY CANES...Yummy!

-Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

Day 11: The Countdown Begins!

* I was really excited to see the kids today!

*I brought back a piece of Santa'a tree from the North Pole.

-and not to mention I started the countdown until BREAK!!!

Day 12: Traveling the world

*Thought it would be fun to travel the world just like Santa does...I just don't know how he does it all in one night.

*It is fun seeing the world from the North Pole though....didn't realize how small everything looks from up here.

Day 13: You're Trapped

*Limbo anyone?

*The kids have to enter and exit without touching the tape!

*I got a little crazy, but it sure is fun!

---no worries I wont fall today.

Day: 14 Last Day!!

*I enjoyed the snow day yesterday...it allowed me to get stuff done.

*Each child will get an elf hat from the north pole, for being on the NICE list....don't worry Santa checked it twice.

*Enjoy your break, eat, sleep, and be merry!

---Until next year!!!!!!