Martin Luther, Saint or Sinner?

Brian Barlotta


Martin Luther helps the Catholic Church in a way by showing what hey need to fix. He doesn't not like like the church, he just doesn't like the way they are using their power. By stating his 95 Theses he shows the church what they need to fix and if they do maybe they will get members back. Another reason he could be considered a saint is because he took a risk to stand up to the most powerful group in the world at this time. They had the power to excommunicate you from the church and damn you to Hell. To take that risk and stand up for himself proves that he is a saint. When he breaks away from the church he starts a new way of worshipping God that is direct and not through a priest. Many people feel the same way and to now have the choice to be able to worship God in a different way was very saint like.

"What was Luther Doing when he nailed the 95 Theses to the door?". Google Images. 22 December. 2015


When Martin Luther presents his 95 Theses he is confronting the Church. The Church/Pope is the closest thing to God on Earth other than when Jesus was around so to go against The Church and The Pope was to go against God. If you go against God you will be deemed a sinner. Because of his 95 Theses Martin Luther gained many followers to his branch of Christianity called Lutheranism. As he gains followers the Church looses followers, very quickly too. The Church does not like the idea of Martin Luther having this much influence so they excommunicated him from the church and call him a sinner. Martin Luther was a theologian before and was a big believer in the church until the corruption became so bad that he posted his 95 Theses. Many people were aware of the corruption but not to the extent that he knew it was. As he told the people they were shocked and immediately changed their views on The Church and its leaders.