Tech Tip #4.22

Week of February 13, 2017

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What is Digital Learning Day?

Digital Learning Day started in 2012 to provide a venue for educational leaders to highlight great teaching practice & showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and educational technology programs that are improving student outcomes.

This year, Digital Learning Day is February 23, 2017.

Digital Learning Day 2015 - Innovate. Collaborate. Inspire.
Digital Learning Day Website

Click here to learn more.

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How is Goose Creek CISD celebrating Digital Learning Day?

Technology Management Systems (TMS) will be out on campuses next week in search of Digital Learning AllStars. These are teachers, students, campus and district leaders who are using technology to help advance student performance.

The Educational Technology department will be sharing examples of digital learning from around the district using Twitter.

Join us by adding #gccisdEdTech to your tweets! Show us what you are doing with technology in your classroom and school!

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You do NOT have to have a twitter account to view the images, video, and information being shared.

Simply click the links below to view the GCCISD Ed Tech Twitter feed (@gccisd_EdTech) or one of the hashtags to view other people around the world tweeting about Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) or GCCISD Ed Tech (#gccisdEdTech).


Click above to view the GCCISD Ed Tech department Twitter account.


Click above to view Tweets mentioning GCCISD Ed Tech (#gccisdEdTech).


Click above to view Tweets mentioning Digital Learning Day (#DLDay).

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Want to learn more about Twitter?

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