Time for Poetry

Nishika Mudda

A Thanksgiving Feast

F-- for fresh, yellow French fries

E-- for eighteen, eggy egg rolls

A-- for an appealing, autumn apple pie

S-- for sweet, hot, spicy or sour sauce

T-- for a tasty, tom turkey

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Ode To Tennis

Tennis, the sport I love,

I love playing with you.

Although I play with you everyday,

I will never get bored of you.

I picked up a racket

when I was seven,

and I've held onto it

until now (I'm eleven).

When I started to play,

I put down my iPad

and really went out there,

it wasn't that bad.

Tennis, the sport I love,

I love playing with you.

Even if you let go of me,

I will never let go of you.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday seems so long ago

It held the sounds of children playing and screaming

With its mistakes and faults

Yesterday is now beyond our control

Today is the time to be responsible

It is the time to work hard

With its angriness, sadness and happiness

Today is when you plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow is a new day

You never know what is going to come

It is like a new born baby chick

Tomorrow too, is beyond our immediate control

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