by Jacob Aleksandrowicz

Robots are very helpful mechanisms. They can do lots of work for people, play with people, and even drive cars. This article will talk about how robots save people, how robots help people, and how robots can play with people.

Most robots save people’s lives. They can walk on debris, swim, and even run! Lots of robots can walk, but only some robots can walk on debris. Many people have tried to program robots to walk on debris, but only special robots can achieve this task. These special robots have webbed feet and can walk on steel, wooden boards, and even broken glass. Another robot called Gemini Scout does search and rescue work. He is very small and can slip through small cracks. Gemini scout goes underground and searches for stranded miners. As you can see, Many robots can save lives, but it might take a while to get to the emergency. That is why people designed robots to run. It is very hard for a robot to run. Running is a combination of jumping and landing on the other foot. Running allows the robots to get to the emergency faster, and helps whoever is in danger, quicker.

Lots of robots can also help without saving people. Some robots can drive cars. They use sensors and cameras to make sure the don't hit anything. They also use GPS to navigate places. These cars help a lot of people because if it is night, then you can sleep and let the robot drive the car. If you are blind, then you don’t have to drive with someone anymore, you just let the robot drive. This robot helps people a lot!

There are also robots that can play with people. These playful robots can be designed to look like animals and act like animals. People who are allergic to dogs or cats,can get a robot pet instead. The difference between a robot dog and a real dog is that a robot dog doesn’t have to be fed. A real dog would have to be fed at least three times a day!

As you can see, robots are very helpful, but scientists are creating lots of robots that can do more stuff. What do you think the future will bring?