The Treasure Map

April 15-19

Thought of the Week

What opportunities do you foresee with the upcoming iRock initiative?

The Week in Preview

Monday, April 22

  • Earth Day
  • 2:45 First Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fourth Grade PLC
  • MAP Testing-3-5 Grade
  • 12:00 SIC at McAlister's
  • 4:00 Voting for Teacher of the Year deadline (See the Pirate Way)
  • 8:00 Millicent Dickey from Crowder's Creek to visit Single Gender classrooms

Tuesday, April 23

  • 3-5 MAP testing
  • Rhonda-lunch with assistants
  • 2:50- Leadership Team Meeting-media center
  • Fun Run Collection Day

Wednesday, April 24

  • Late start (Please see The Pirate Way for our Late Start Plan)
  • 2:45 Second grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fifth grade PLC
  • 3-5 MAP window open
  • FUN RUN!!!!! K/1 @ 10:30; 2/3 @ 11:30; 4/5 @ 12:30
  • Please pick up bagged lunches at the following times:
  • 4th-5th get their lunches at 10:30 to eat at 11:00 to allow time for food to settle prior to running.

    Kindergarten and 1st get their lunches at 11:30 and eat at your convenience

    2nd-3rd get their lunches at 12:30 and eat at your convenience

  • Student Council Meeting

Thursday, April 25

  • 3-5 MAP window open
  • Nishie G Spirit Night
  • 8:00-4:00 Rhonda attends a Crisis Management Meeting at the DO

Friday, April 26

  • 3,4, and 5 DILIGENCE nominations due to Mrs. McCoy
  • Last day for 3-5 MAP testing, please make sure all make-up tests are done by the end of the day today!
  • 8:30 Terrific Kid Celebration

The Pirate Way

  • Please let parents know of altered lunch times on Fun Run Day.

  • As we approach the end of the year we are looking forward to and faculty/staff end of the year celebration. Do we have a faculty member or a team that would be willing to head up planning this celebration? If you are interested, please let Mrs. Guyton know!

  • Thank you for responding to the Placement Meeting survey. The results are below:
  1. 100% of teachers in grades 1-5 who responded to the survey are willing to attend 2 placement meetings.
  2. 60% of teachers responding indicated they want to begin placement meetings in late May.
  3. Some concerns were shared in the comment section of the survey. These concerns will be discussed in our leadership meeting and ideas for addressing these concerns will be explored.
  • The proposed schedule for placement meetings is below. Placement meetings will be held in the conference room from 3:00-4:00, except the June 7 meeting. The meeting on June 7 will be at 9:00 in the conference room. Norms will be established for these meetings by the leadership team. If there are serious conflicts with any of the below dates please let me know as soon as possible. We have tried to schedule these meetings so that as many as possible were on a Tuesday and no one had to attend more than one meeting on a day other than Tuesday.
May 28 K/1 (Kindergarten should have placement cards to build classes with first grade)

May 30 1/2 (First grade should have placement cards to build classes with second grade)

June 4 2/3 (Second grade should have placement cards to build classes with third grade)

June 6 3/4 (Third grade should have placement cards to build classes with fourth grade)

June 7 4/5 (Fourth grade should have placement cards to build classes with fifth grade)

  • Late Start Plans: Wednesday is going to be an AMAZING FUN RUN DAY! With this being said, we feel it would be beneficial for you to have the time during late start to collaborate with your PLC or to do some collaboration with other grade levels. Please also use this time to meet with your leadership team member regarding our leadership team meeting that will be held on Tuesday and to talk with your acceptable evidence representative about what they are doing in their district level meetings. Crystal and I will be visiting with grade levels during Late Start to answer questions or concerns that may arise during these meetings. We have asked Rich to come during a Tuesday faculty meeting to provide closure on all that he has been teaching us this year. We will announce this date as soon as it is finalized.

Guidance News!

April is DILIGENCE month. Mrs. McCoy will be teaching our Pirates this means trying to do the best one can in everything. It means paying attention and not giving up. Work hard. Stay focused and get the job done even when there are challenges and distractions.

3,4,5 nominations due April 26

K,1,2 nominations due April 30

PLC Focus

Below is the agenda for this week's leadership team meeting. If you have items to add to this agenda please let your leadership team member know so they can email me to add these to the agenda.

Leadership Team Meeting


· Norms

· Celebrations

· IHES Mission-Writing the mission

· What are our Professional Development needs?

o Creating a survey to prepare for late start meetings next year!

· Placement Meeting Info.

o Addressing Questions and Concerns

· ’13-’14 Meet and Greet Date/Time

· End of Year Celebration

Our Next Leadership Team Meeting will be May 14, 2013.