Techie Tidbit Tuesday

January 5, 2016

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What's your New Year's Resolution?

  • Learn a different language?
  • Learn more technology tools?
  • Exercise more?

Tool of the Week - Google Translate

Have the ability to translate your text into another language.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in text in the box located towards the left.

Step 3: Choose the language on the right.

Step 4: The translated text will appear in the text box on the right.

Example translated to Spanish

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Different languages available

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Tip of the Week - A Web Whiteboard

The Web Whiteboard is a FREE online drawing tool. No login required. You can download a drawing and share it too!

Ideas for the classroom:

  1. Draw a scene from a story.
  2. Draw a self-portrait.
  3. Draw the parts of a flower, volcano, etc.
  4. Work out a math problem.
  5. Draw a picture of your New Year's resolution.

Clearly, I'm not an artist but, here's an example of a vacation spot I intend to visit this summer using the Web Whiteboard tool :).

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Teacher Spotlight - Christy Miller and Susan Niebuhr

Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Niebuhr dove into the wonderful world of green screen videoing with their students by utilizing the DoInk app. 3rd grade students studied about different types of weather, weather patterns and provided valuable information on what they learned as news anchors on "News for Kids." So creative! Great job!
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