By: Olivia Van Elzen

My Morning Routine

I usually wake up and 7:00 a.m. First I take a shower, than I get dressed, I eat my cereal after I get dressed. After all that I brush my teeth. With my spare time I usually play with my sister or I watch TV. Than I get my stuff on and go to the bus stop.

A Little About Me

I'm 10 years old, turning 11 on November 23rd. I'm in 4th grade at Howard Elementary. My best friends are Toni, Taylor, and Isabelle(She is from my old school). I am pretty tall. I'm not very strong(; I'm allergic to being bored. I love swimming and having fun! I love laser tag. And I'm really funny.

My After School Routine

After school I get off the bus and ask to go outside. I put my stuff away and go outside. I go outside and play with some of my friends. After I go outside I come in to eat supper. Than I play on my iPod for a while. We usually watch a movie every night together. We go brush our teeth and get our waters. Than we go to bed. And I usually read a book in bed until 8:30.
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My Couz

I love my couz Gwen! She is just like me. We love hanging out with each other. This is a picture of me and my couz going to a dirt bike race. We have so much fun together. We always act like sisters. She is awesome!

My Family

I have 1 sister named Peyton. My moms name is Amber. And my dads name is Eric. But they aren't together and my mom might get married to Ryan.